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Exclusive – The brink of war: Life from Seoul, South Korea: Day 1

We usually focus our commentary and reports on the world of mixed martial arts, but with the current standoff between North and South Korea reaching a boiling point recentlyMMA Crossfire Expert Cassie Wiseman, currently stationed in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, reports with Day One of her perspective on life with a country on the brink of war.

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Out of Korea

While the headlines continue to tell the outside world of things that are occurring in South Korea, everything is moving along as normal here in the capital city of Seoul. The South Koreans are shopping, dining out and chatting about everyday things in coffee shops while the rest of the world wonders what is about to take place, if anything.

The foreigners located within the country are going about their daily lives, but with an extra sense of tension. Conversations about evacuation locations, necessary documents to have at all times, etc. are the common topics while socializing. Jokes are often thrown in to try and enlighten the mood, but those who were not registered with the Canadian and American Embassy’s are now registered and everyone is taking careful note of any changes that are taking place within the city. To the south, in the third largest city in South Korea, Daegu, there have been siren tests that have taken place over the weekend. There has been more of a presence of police and military trying to control both the daily traffic of vehicles and people, but for the most part things appear normal.

What is to be expected? It depends on who you ask. If you ask a South Korean,  they would just say that it’s going to be a typical weekend, with work on Monday. If you ask a foreigner however, you would get a different response. Most foreigners are thinking that when the military drills begin on Sunday that whatever is going to happen, will start there. With the North constantly throwing threats, the Americans and South Koreans showing that they are still going to go about these drills, it’s safe to say that for the majority of foreigners here in South Korea – particularly Seoul – will be on their toes and ready to head to the planned evacuation locations.


Seoul, South Korea

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