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Exclusive: The brink of war: Life from Seoul, South Korea: Day 3

We usually focus our commentary and reports on the world of mixed martial arts, but with the current standoff between North and South Korea reaching a boiling point recentlyMMA Crossfire Expert Cassie Wiseman, currently stationed in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, reports with Day Three of her perspective on life with a country on the brink of war.


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MMA Crossfire Expert Cassie Wiseman:

Cassie Wiseman
MMA Crossfire Expert Cassie Wiseman. Image courtesy Steve Bartlett

Editors Note: We have all read the Canadian and American perspectives in our newspapers and media outlets. Here is Cassie’s, straight from Seoul, South Korea.

Day Three: The joke of the day

Today has been day two of the military drills and nothing has changed in regards to signs of “tension.” Students went to school, people went to work, transportation was normal, etc. Foreigners discussed whether or not they agreed with China trying to put a rush on the six-party discussion with North Korea, but again, nothing out of the ordinary.

The joke of the day however, was CNN and their piece on Seoul’s protest. Comments were made that clearly indicate the reporter has never been to Korea. He went to an area of the city were there are always protests and he made things appear more violent then they really were, said one ESL teacher I talked to who has lived in South Korea for almost two years. The beef protests were brought up as one foreigner (working in South Korea for four years) remembered what a riot really looks like here.


Complaints were also made simply because of the reports being shown on CNN – which is based out of Seoul – are making family members worry when realistically everything is going as usual. The question is: If things are currently so terrible or so tension-filled, why are all the major cities calamity-free? Reports coming out of Busan, a coastal city to the south, shows nothing unusual occurring. Daegu, the third largest city in South Korea, reports nothing out of the ordinary. Finally, Seoul, the capital, has had nothing out of the norm. Therefore, if South Korea is supposed to be in a stage of panic, on “The Brink of War,” why is the main topic of today about how CNN has managed to report inaccurate material out of Seoul, making those living in Seoul buckle over in laughter?


Seoul, South Korea

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