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Jade Hart wrestles with the art of the kimono

It’s onward and upwards for 28-year-old Jade Hart – the eldest daughter of proud parents Julie and WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart.

Intrigued by the kimono – Japan’s traditional garment –  she’s turned it into a fledgling business while raising her daughter, 19-month-old Kyra Beans.

She spoke with The Crossfire recently about the launching of her first collection.

So then, why the kimono?

“Like every project, this one started with a thought,” she says in a statement on her website.

“My Dad traveled a lot when I was younger and when I say a lot, I mean – sometimes he’d be gone for weeks or even months at a time. I was still in Mom’s tummy when my Dad and Uncle Tom flew to Japan for work. In their travels they always managed to pick up something nice, unique or unseen for my Mom and Aunty. On this particular trip, they came home with authentic Japanese kimonos, made of the worlds finest silk and most elaborate embroideries that later on in my life, I would stare at and wonder how someone’s little hands had stitched that?

“I was born just after breakfast in March … Hours later, in one of my very first photos with my Mom, she can be seen wearing the Kimono I speak of.  Besides my mothers beautiful face and fathers sweet eyes. I can truly say that a Kimono is one of the first things I’ve ever saw.”

Here’s the conversation:

MMA Crossfire: What goes into making a kimono?

Jade Hart:   My kimonos are constructed/hand made in Calgary with the help of Anya, my designer friend. It’s pain staking work, especially the luxury fabrics like my silks. They take about 5-6 hours to make just one! And that’s not including all the work that goes into choosing the fabrics (which are also all Canadian), purchasing, cutting, last minute design tweaks, packaging, marketing and the list goes on and on (laughs). But I love every minute. Truly, I feel like besides being a mother, this is what I was always meant to do.

JAde HArt
Courtesy Jade Hart.


MMA Crossfire: What, if anything,  did you take that was good and useful from the worlds of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts to apply in your life.

Jade Hart:  Life is short,  so make the best of it. I think every day counts,  so I make time for my dreams, my family, and things that make me happy. My family has always followed their dreams,  so I’m just trying to do what the rest of my family does.

MMA Crossfire: Where do you see Jade Hart Kimonos five years from now?

Jade Hart: I’d like to be where all designers want to be – in stores, boutiques, on celebrities, have my online shop go viral (laughs),  you know, stuff like that. I like to dream big I guess? But more importantly, I want to have hundreds of different kimonos, styles, lengths, colors, patterns, fabrics. I want to have a kimono that suits every woman.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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