Lots of interesting info was dispensed by UFC president Dana White on UFC 177 weekend.

One of the most interesting bits was that he’s trying to put a fight together between welterweight contenders #3 Tyron Woodley and #6 Hector Lombard.

They are teammates, so one can understand some reluctance between a possible matchup.

But White said that Woodley not only “wants no part of” Lombard, but that he gave him a bunch of excuses for it – including the teammate one – while Lombard enthusiastically accepted.

But listen to White tell the story – from his point of view.

Welcome back to The Crossfire.

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Fast forward to the 4:45 mark to hear White’s version of the whole story:

Courtesy MMA Fighting.

Now, fast forward to the 10-minute mark to hear Dana’s additional comments in the post-fight scrum.

Courtesy MMA H.E.A.T.

Woodley continues to maintain his silence on White’s accusations. We have only a few tweets:

Woodley did speak to Bloody Elbow’s Steph Daniels and the topic of fighting teammates came up.

It will be interesting to hear Woodley’s version of these events.