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Running the Ropes – Finding Emmanuela

Before I started my wrestling career, my first love was bodybuilding.

As a teenager, I would look at all the bodybuilding magazines and I fell in love with the muscles. Legs were my favorite and I wanted to have awesome bodybuilding legs!

In 1998 I started my weight training journey, not really knowing what I was doing; I was reading the magazines and looking at the pictures. I decided to join – at the time my hometowns best gym – Central Fitness, where all the bodybuilders trained, including my brother Barry and cousin Jim Renaud, who were bodybuilders who inspired me to lift along with my late cousin JP Renaud.

I joined up and was excited to start. There were so many machines and equipment and I didnt know where to begin. The head trainer there, Jamie Betrand, who now owns the new gym in Windsor called Train Station, put me on my very first program. Hungry and thirsty to learn and to meet as many bodybuilders I could. I will never forget the time my mom came home and said, “Jaime you have to see JP’s girlfriend Emmanuela. She’s so built and looks incredible!”

I was like OK, whatever. Then when I did see Emmanuela Pintus, things got serious.

She had a killer physique, was charismatic and I loved being around her. Emmanuela ended up as my training partner for a good seven years. Seeing my body change and having bodybuilding legs, I was happy!

We went to several Arnold Classics and Mr. Olympia contests together, meeting Arnold himself and everyone that was in the magazines. I mean everyone! We had a good group of people and everyone was competing. It was a fun time for me and I learned a lot from Emmanuela. As a star, she helped me build my physique, impacting me in ways that I will always love and cherish.

The best moments were our cheat days together.  We went crazy and really indulged.

I ended up starting my wrestling career and she went on competing in over twenty shows and becoming a prominent yoga teacher. She has the discipline and drive to be the best at whatever she chooses.

Thank you, Emmanuela .

Looking back, I truly was blessed with so many people supporting and encouraging me to be my best.

So here I am in 2015, back in the gym with Emmanuela! It’s like time stood still and we’ve picked up where we left off.

My training has come full circle. After an extended layoff from training and lifting, I want my bodybuilding legs and killer physique back.  I had an amazing journey filled with magical moments, but now I’m ready to embrace whats next.

I definitely want to do it in shape. You feel confident and shine from within when you feel good about yourself.  Finding the right partner is key.

Someone who pushes you, inspires you, builds you up and helps you become your best. Beyond your goals and makes the process fun. Like anything in life, look to your surroundings.

You can be and do anything you put your mind too and if people are not on the same page as you, go at it alone. Be the best you can possibly be and you will attract the right people. Enjoy the journey,  as all the ups and downs are meant to be there to help you become you.

See you soon.


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