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Running the Ropes – Becoming your potential

Once in a while, if you’re lucky, you cross paths with someone whose  magnificent spirit and energy you cannot help but be drawn to. Someone with a passion for life and lives it to the fullest. I have, and of course I had to share!

Massage therapist and Ironman competitor Lindsay Cole’s inspiring story is for all of us! It should light a fire under your butt to become your best, not take life for granted, but to live it and most of all: Love yourself first.

My training has been rough and when my body was sore, my mother recommended her massage therapist, aka Lindsay.  I was skeptical, since I’ve never been to one before and called to make an appointment.

Lindsay Cole
Ironman competitor Lindsay Cole in action. Courtesy Lindsay Cole.

It’s a lovely place in Tecumseh, Ontario called Pursuit Massage Therapy.  She was booked up for two weeks and I didn’t want too wait two more weeks. I needed it now, but I waited and finally it was the day for my massage.

Lindsay Cole
Lindsay is currently in training for the Ironman Florida competition. Courtesy Lindsay Cole.

Can you say amazing? It was calming, and it took aware my soreness. I highly recommend having a massage therapist in your life. Your body will love you for it.

Getting to know Lindsay a bit better, I was inspired by her story. It woke me up to want a better and more fulfilling life, to love yourself, take care of yourself and to dig deep when life gets hard and to keep moving forward.

Lindsay will return to run the ropes in November.  I’ll be there with her in Panama City, Florida to cover her and the competition. So, stay tuned for part two! Many thanks to Lindsay for showing us that we all need to go out in the world and become our potential!

As a bonus for the MMA Crossfire Nation, here’s Lindsay’s thoughts on her infamous Banana Smoothies. See you soon!


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