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The #Bodybuilding Life – The science behind a bodybuilder’s Show Day

So you’ve heard me discuss bodybuilding as a journey in my bio and you’ve seen a day in my life along this journey.

Now, I’d like to discuss with you today some details and insight to the week of and day of a bodybuilding show. Just like any sport, you must begin with a strong foundation. Which in this case, is a good working relationship with your coach so that you can work together as a team throughout the year and carry that through right up to Show Day.

My coaches and I have been working with a specific show in mind all year; however, he decided the week before The Florida State Championship local show that he wanted to do a “mock run” to practice a few techniques and see how my body responded.

Throughout the week I had to provide morning and evening weights along with how I was feeling that day and he wanted details. Everything was important right down to how much I was using the bathroom, from both ends! My weight, how I looked and felt determined my cardio and workout for the day as well as my carbohydrate intake for the day and we all know the carb count determines the kind of day you’re going to have. I lost track of my days, I couldn’t tell you what body part I was going to be working that day or what I was going to be eating each meal…my coach controlled every aspect of my life that entire week.

In preparation for Show Day, I was given a long list of foods and supplements that I was to have at the ready for the day of the show, this list included things like steak, potatoes, chicken, rice, AGMA and even a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. It was like we were going to battle and this list was my coach’s arsenal…he needed the appropriate weapons available for the job at hand.

Show Day arrived and now the real work began. I am with my coach from the moment I wake up until I step on the stage for the Finals. It was like the day was stuck on repeat; every hour was the same thing, check my weight and pose so he could look me over. He would adjust my meals, water and sodium based upon these two things. Sometimes the answer was go back to bed and sleep another hour and other times the answer was food…food was my favorite answer!

We did not utilize everything that was stocked in the Show Day arsenal, but having everything available made it to where I did not have to think about a single thing. He determined what I was going to eat, how much of it I was going to eat and what if anything was going to be on it. My coach said, “Eat this, drink this, do this,” and I did what I was told. It was a complete surrender on my part and he assumed all control and with that all the responsibility.

Many questioned why I was doing the local show and especially at what some would consider the last minute; however, the “mock run” provided valuable information for my coach and I in terms of how my body responded to different things, thus eliminating all guess work for the end goal. It was also the perfect test of our working relationship as I had to allow him to take control over my journey. This was a calculated process that will allow us to bring my very best package to the stage at The North Americans.

I highly encourage anyone that desires to compete to seek out a coach that you are able to trust and form a working bond with because come Show Day that’s all you have to rely on. If you have any Show Day tips or stories you’d like to share I would love to hear from you.

It all seems very simple but the week and especially Show Day was a calculated process that combined the working relationship my coaches and I developed throughout the year with his knowledge, ideas and experience to solidify exactly what we needed to do to bring the very best to the stage at The North Americans.


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