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Running the Ropes – The 12 week challenge

Bill Phillips was my greatest and biggest teacher throughout my bodybuilding and wrestling journey.  He is the best at what he does and helped change millions of lives around the globe.  He created the 12-week transformation challenge; a contest with huge prizes for taking before and after pictures for a time period of 12 weeks. Whomever makes the best transformations wins.

Bill Phillips

I’ve followed Bill since 1997 when he had a magazine called Muscle media 2000 , the best one hands down. He then went on to own EAS a supplement company and he was #1. He wrote books , one of his best sellers Body of Life and Bill Phillips Transformation . He teaches all about the mind body and spirit, you really do need all three to make a lasting transformation!

Bill Phillips

He is now back and just started another 12-week transformation. I encourage anyone needing a change in their life to take his challenge. It’s free! I just signed up, before pics are done and you will all be on this journey with me.  I will be posting pictures, videos , my meals, everything so I can inspire others to change.

Bill Phillips

He talks about how to eat, train and do cardio and he is guiding you the whole way! Join , transform and let’s be our best selves! Let’s change our lives to be more fuller, blessed and most importantly, healthy!

Bill Phillips

Mind , body and spirit!

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