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MMA Crossfire – TUF 22 Episode Two thoughts

After hours of fights, Conor McGregor called Team Europe together for a business talk. While every other season we’ve watched people banned together in the house, Conor clearly reminded them that this isn’t a team sport. It’s a business, bottom line. He brought in his coaches, but that they should already have their hard training done.

Personally, I liked it.

He was right. It wasn’t the time to look to gain extreme skills or to change the foundation because they have and it certainly isn’t a team sport. Conor treated it like a business from the beginning, so maybe others should do the same.

The comment that stood out to me was: “I’m merely here to give them a platform that I didn’t have.” I thought TUF itself was a platform.

What do you think?

During the training sessions, it was cool to see Urijah Faber go through grappling drills with his team. He showed them different ways of getting in better situations while grappling. Conor’s session? He had his team take off their shirts and shin pads to shadow box. The purpose? He wanted them to practice precision striking. To get used to how it feels to fight inside the octagon. He quoted one of his coaches, “Upgrade yourself without damaging the hardware.” Very interesting!

The twists to this season came in this episode. First, Dana White had one guy brought back for each side. Conor chose to bring back his buddy, Artem, while Faber brought back Nunes. The second surprise was that now there will be nine fights for the quarterfinals, but out of those nine winners, only eight will actually go to the quarters. White will choose the eight based on their performance. No more layin-and-prayin folks.

The first fight of the session was Ryan Hall vs. France Slioa. Slioa’s plan was to keep things standing because of the ground game of Hall. However, Hall is a ground specialist, so it was only a matter of time before he got the heel hook for the tap.

The next fight is Chris Gruetzemacher vs. Shasha Sharma.

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