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MMA Crossfire – TUF 22: Epsiode 3 thoughts

It’s a good thing Conor McGregor wasn’t going to be that invested in his team, as this episode not only showed the opposite of that, but rather how competitive he really is.

Episode 3 had Gruetzemacher vs. Sharma as the second fight of the season. During the training sessions we see that McGregor is there for only the evening training sessions, while the morning session is composed of technical training with McGregor’s coaching staff. However, the team doesn’t really seem to mind. Sharma was being trained on how to use his striking and to avoid getting out grappled. Simple forms of getting off the cage, as well as off the mat. Gruetzemacher was being taught how to use his striking. Both teams teaching their fighter to counter the other. To be honest, all the training from both sides, seemed really on point and that everyone was training their butt off.

Of course, there were remarks back-and-forth between coaches. McGregor throwing out there the fact that TJ Dillashaw has the title, then adding that he basically just used Urijah Faber to learn as much as he could before leaving to join Duane Ludwig. McGregor also said that it is the only fight that Faber really has left. Faber doesn’t say much back, who knows why, but based on what I’ve see already, he just isn’t as witty as McGregor. The truly interesting part of the episode was the fight. Not because of the fight, but because of McGregor’s reaction.

TUF 22

Sharma was winning in the striking, so Gruetzemacher turned things into a grappling match. Everything that McGregor had gone over in their training session. McGregor was screaming instructions the whole time, but Sharma looked gassed early and pulled guard when he didn’t even have anything to work with. He was just laying around and falling over for Gruetzemacher. Gruetzemacher used ground-and-pound, but he too looked tired and could have got the finish just no drive to get it. Gruetzemacher ended up getting the decision win. Back in the locker McGregor started to go off on Sharma. “He didn’t win because he was the better man because he’s not the better man. He won because you gave it to him. You need to decide if this is something that you really want to do.” Wow!

All truth, but first time I’ve seen a coach fire that off at someone and I’ve watched all the seasons. Apparently, the forward approach rant continues into the next episode. Very interesting! Faber picks the next fight, om Gallicchio against Team McGregor’s Marcin Wrzosek. Let’s see if McGregor takes Faber’s advice and starts coming to the morning training sessions as well as the evening.


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