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The #Bodybuilding Life – Defeating the long bicep

My journey to the bodybuilding stage comes with so many physical and mental changes.

I’ve been in the gym since high school and throughout all these years have longed for big arms. I am – we’ll call it blessed – with long biceps and have always been dissatisfied with their size and shape. It seemed like no matter what I did other than gain a ton of weight, my biceps size and shape never changed.

For many years I would explain away this unchanging body part with the response, “It’s just my genetics,” and simply thought I would never have those round, thick biceps I’ve longed for. As most bodybuilders do, I’d look in the mirror and see improvement in all areas but would hate my arms, until this year.

I was watching a video of CT Fletcher, the one where he is explaining how he trained his arms and commanded them to grow… physically talking to his bicep muscles and was inspired and given hope.

From that day forward, I trained my arms multiple times a week, doing my normal arm day where I went heavy and then would have one or more “touch up” days to where I would vary the exercises with different weight and rep ranges.

Within several months of this full-on attack of my biceps I noticed a change in the mirror; I had to enlist the watchful eye of others to confirm that I in fact was seeing a difference. I was on a mission and once the changes started happening, you could not stop this freight train that was headed towards the destination of big arms.

Finally, I could look in the mirror and see the hard work making a difference. I was happy with the direction my arms were heading. I am my own worst critic and so I did not truly see the full results of my labor of growth until my shows this year.

Everyone kept complimenting my arms and referencing their size, but I was still not convinced. It was not until I stepped on the stage this year and looked back at the pictures that I was surprised that those arms were attached to my body. My front double bicep showed an arm that had round, thick, full biceps and my side chest and tricep showed a shoulder cap that went down into a bicep and tricep separation that actually looked like a bodybuilders arm.

In that moment, I had to take back all the times that I responded, sometimes in anger, “It’s my genetics, I will never have big biceps,” I had to rethink my perception of long biceps.

Though it took a long time and a lot of extra work to get a response, it is in fact possible. Working a specific body part multiple times from every angle possible was the route necessary for me to kick my difficult biceps into gear and it was completely worth it. If you have any tips on how to beat a difficult body part or a success story that you would like to share please read out to me. I’d love to hear from you and share your stories.


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