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MMA Crossfire – TUF 22: Episode 4 thoughts

With Conor McGregor and Team Europe down two fights, the episode starts with McGregor just slamming into Sharma. Basically saying that Sharma gave Gruetzemacher the fight and “pussied out.” Certainly not the typical words from a coach after a loss, but no one expects “typical” with McGregor.

Regardless of the current situation, McGregor uses his energy to refocus the team with a load of techniques to make sure Marcin was ready to use his striking. McGregor believed from the beginning that Marcin had more of a hunger than Sharma, so there is no trouble to see the positive side of McGregor when he is coaching.

TUF 22
Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.

For the fight, it was easy to see that Gallicchio, like in practice, was only firing shots to get things to the mat. Wrzosek was the superior striker, but he showed that he also has great awareness of what is happening. Gallicchio had back control and put Wrzosek in various situations early in the first round, but Wrzosek remained on his feet and shook him off. This is ultimately where things went downhill for Gallicchio. He hung on too long and killed his legs. He was never the same after working so hard for back control.

The fight went the distance, but Wrzosek could have won the fight and taken home the TKO if he pressed a little harder. He scored a takedown in the second round, did a little ground-and-pound, just showed dominance in the striking department. Gallicchio was obviously gassed, so Wrzosek was able to get the easy decision win.

McGregor is over the moon with excitement as power changes. He has stated numerous times that if he took control, he would be able to put the right fights together to allow Team Europe to finish off Team USA. This is now his chance to back that up like he does everything else. Next fight is between England’s Saul Rogers vs. Villy Quarantillo.


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