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MMA Crossfire – TUF 22: Episode 5 thoughts

The last episode of TUF 22 ended with Dana White explaining how Connor claimed he could win the whole season once in control of the fight picks.

With one win under his belt, he set his eyes on Billy Quarantillo.

McGregor had a very simple plan, but continuously stated throughout the episode the importance of pressure, position, and patience. He had his team go through several drills involving specific scenarios that he believed will come up in the fight with Quarantillo.

On the other side, Urijah Faber was busy trying to teach Quarantillo the basics. At one point even talked about how his technique was way behind the others there. The first thing that came to my mind was something McGregor had said, “The hard training should already be done.” Technique would be part of that one would assume.

TUF 22
Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.

Team Faber helps Quarantillo ready for his next contest. Coach Faber Something that really stood out to me in this episode was the fact that Chris Gruetzemacher, who won his fight, talked about how he was over the house. Living there, talking only about fighting, missing his friends, etc. Going into how he is not comfortable with how the coaching staff is training and going through various techniques. He is comfortable with the people he trains with, people who understand him. Kind of strange considering he is still in the house competing. Also considering the fact that so many other fighters train with others to see various different styles.

Come fight time, it was lackluster at best. Quarantillo had been trained on how to get back to his feet as Team Faber thought he stood his best chance in the striking game. However, in the early portion of the first round Quarantillo shot in for a terrible takedown attempt. Rogers got on top and that was basically the fight. Don’t get me wrong, it went the distance, but Rogers completely rag dolled him. Dominated to a different level. Completely shut down Quarantillo.

In between rounds Faber even spoke to him about how he wasn’t listening to the game plan. He spoke about how he knew he shouldn’t, that he was going to do something different, then basically fell over to start the second round. It looked like Quarantillo didn’t want to be in there.

Team McGregor ties the competition at 2-2 with Rogers’ victory. Team McGregor keeps control of fight selection for the next bout, and the team’s Mehdi Baghdad is selected to fight Team Faber’s Julian Erosa.


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