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MMA Crossfire – TUF 22: Episode 6 thoughts

For Episode 6, , Conor McGregor picked Julian Erosa vs. Mehdi Baghdad, believing that it was a winning match for his team. Team Faber obviously believed differently. What else would you expect?

Baghdad is a K-1 world champion, so McGregor talks about the importance for Baghdad to strike first and often. With this game plan, McGregor feels confident that a TKO will happen. For Team Faber, TJ Dillashaw joins the coaching staff to help share guidance in the teams striking. There is a small explanation about Faber’s relationship with Dillashaw and the well-publicized riff with former head trainer Duane Ludwig and Team Alpha Male.

TUF 22
Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.

What’s funny about all of this is that the news of TJ doing exactly what McGregor accuses him of in this episode, happened two weeks ago. “A snake in the grass?” You be the judge of that one, but certainly a slap in the face of Faber in my opinion, especially how it all went down.

Anyway, back to the episode.

After the weigh-ins, there is a little confrontation. Who didn’t see this coming? McGregor is running his mouth about TJ, while TJ steps out, and basically called Faber a wimp. TJ has your belt, took your striking coach, etc. Really just shining the light on what really does happen, but this starts some pushing between both teams. Nothing Jones/Cormier-like happens, and the pictures get taken, all is well again. With all this happening, one almost forgot there was still a fight about to happen.

Really, it was a standing fight with little action. Baghdad threw the more powerful strikes, but didn’t get off first or often like he had been instructed. Erosa didn’t have much on what he threw, but he threw more. Being the more active fighter for two rounds gave him the decision win.

Was it eventful? I didn’t think so. I was shocked at the lack of aggression from Baghdad considering his background and the fact that he talked so much outside of the octagon. Erosa, he didn’t throw any combinations. Little technique shown by either, except the one move that Erosa landed over and over which was what TJ had gone over in training.

This gave Team Faber control again with a 3-2 lead.  Next week we will see Thanh Le vs Martin Svensson.

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