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Running the Ropes – Rest and relaxation

I’ve been enjoying some down time and some R&R at the ocean. I like to unwind and reflect on all the grateful moments in my journey.  It’s important to take time for yourself and go within to find the answers you need to keep moving forward. We are all here for a higher purpose, so it’s up to us to figure out our purpose and go and do it the best you can !

I also believe nothing beats hard work. You have to have massive action and clarity on where you want to go In life. I loved making a vision board and putting things i want to accomplish and places I wanted to travel too and dreams I want to  manifest. Don’t be fooled, visualization is a powerful tool in the universe.

Running the Ropes
Feel the breeze!

I encourage everyone to go out there and chase your dreams no matter how crazy it seems. Nothing is impossible and believe in yourself.

Just to let everyone know, Superstar Billy Graham is doing well. We talked on the phone for a good hour and had lots of laughs. I love him dearly and he’s my brother for life!

Running the Ropes

I am in touch with Hulk Hogan daily as well , i also send him his early morning tweet of a positive quote every single day for five years now. He asked me to do it and I never have or will miss a day. It’s how Hulk starts his day.


So I have to  make sure they’re good ones!


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