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TUF 22: Episode 8 thoughts

Two fights this week on TUF 22. Of course, I’m already excited about that.

For the first fight we had Conor McGregor’s training partner, Artem Lobov taking on James Jenkins. Both rough-looking guys, but I was interested to see Lobov. I wasn’t impressed with him in the first fight to get into the house. I expected more as soon as they said he was a training partner of McGregor. Better movement or something, but that wasn’t the case in his first fight.

TUF 22
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When it showed the focus going into the fight, McGregor admitted that he would be more invested in this fight – after all, it is his training partner – , so it does makes sense. He talked about his power and awkward stance. With Jenkins, we saw his striking and power. Both teams were sending in two strikers who were going to slug it out.

 Lobov finally showed up for the fight. He had his hands down for the majority, but was elusive with good timing for counters. His power was evident as Jenkins became more cautious. Lobov opened up the eye of Jenkins early in the first round, which only fed the hunger of Lobov. Jenkins never did come on as strong as expected and he couldn’t connect with Lobov. It was the first knockout of the season, in the first round. At the end of the fight, Lobov went over to Dana White to imply that he kept up to his promise to show what he could do.

The next fight was Johnny Nunez and David Teymur. Apparently each fight starts at 4pm, but McGregor was nowhere to be seen. They waited fifteen minutes longe, but the show had to go on. This fight was harder to judge because Nunez was scored takedowns and landed strikes in the first round, but in the second Teymur connected with a body kick. His kicks were the key in the second round. It went to a third and Nunez was still hurt by the kick and had zero gas left. Teymur took advantage and outstruck him, and landed in better positions for the majority of the round. Teymur got the unanimous decision win.

Something of real interest after the fights was a statement made by Urijah Faber suggesting that he knew the team was going to be hard, he had to deal with the team he was given, so it was going to be an uphill battle.

The next episode has our last load of fights with Jason Gonzalez vs. Abner Lloveras entering the cage. Then it’s decision time; who is going to be sent home for having the least impressive fight? Will it be Chris Gruetzemacher? That’s who put me to sleep, so that’s my vote.

What do you think?


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