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TUF 22 – Episode 10 thoughts

Episode 10 gets right into the meat of the show – the fights.

For the first fight we have Artem Lobov vs. Martin Svensson. Here’s the issue; Svensson has an injury from his first fight that needs to get checked out. As luck would have it, he was taken out and Chris Gruetzemacher got a break. After being booted for his lack of anything, he is now going against Lobov. My thoughts were that either this is going to be dull or Lobov is going to knock his head off.

TUF 22
Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.

During the entire fight, I never once thought, ‘Is this over yet?” Gruetzemacher actually went for it, Lobov used his strange stance and accurate counter striking. He did seem gassed, but was the superior striker which gave him the TKO win.

Once again, Gruetzemacher out. However, at least this time, it was because he lost. The second match put Ryan Hall vs. Saul Rogers. For those who can’t remember, Hall is the nasty leglocks guy, while Rogers is a wrestler/striker. My thoughts immediately went to how Rogers would simply shoot for a takedown or throw a kick, then it would be over. However, in the training sessions Rogers opened up to practicing leglocks and how to get out of them for the entire time he was there. Making himself comfortable in case this matchup happened.

Well, this was his time to shine. As the fight started, Rogers showed great takedown defence, but even when he was on the mat he knew how to get out of trouble. He used his striking to show Hall’s weakness and there was even a point where Hall simply motioned for Rogers to go to the mat with him. It was a silly gesture, but Rogers showed that he was the well-rounded fighter which gave him the decision win.


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