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Running the Ropes – Home for the holidays

I am home for the holidays in Windsor. I have lots of family in Windsor, so it’s a special place in my heart.

I’m going to enjoy my time at home, New Years Eve, and than it’s back in the ring to wrestle for Afa The Wild Samoan’s WXW wrestling promotion.

It’s a strong family bond  as Afa’s wife Lynn and their daughter Vale run the ship. I have never met such a family like theirs. They are the realest and most amazing people I know. Such loving, giving people. I am blessed that they want me part of the family. They give me a great opportunity in WXW, and I am grateful. Love you all very much. Thank you.

I’m really excited for 2016.

New beginnings, goals and I’m blessed with an amazing person who will be my new training partner in the gym. Kody Jenkins, who  just competed in her first show, the 2015 NPC Beach Bodies Classic Overall and walked away the champion!

Being a mother of five amazing children , you could never tell she has any.

Kody and I will be crushing our goals in the gym and in life and hopefully our hard work will inspire and motivate others to go after theirs. We want to help as many others we can in a positive way.

Running the Ropes
Bodybuilder Kody Jenkins.

I love writing my column and it gives me a platform to connect to you. So thank you for reading and go out  their and kill it!


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