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The #Bodybuilding Life – Movement inspired by others

On this journey called life, no one travels alone regardless of what they say.

The bodybuilding journey is no different.

Outside of a personal support system that could be made up of family and friends, there is the diet and fitness support system made up of coaches, trainers, dieticians and the many doctors taking care of the body inside and out. All of these people have an obvious and expected impact, but then there are the unexpected moments when an acquaintance or a complete stranger gives you some insight that impacts your path in a profound way.

The #Bodybuilding Life

I’m a huge believer in having a small circle of people that I can trust; knowing their guidance and instruction is reliable because they are truly invested in my success.   But I remain open-minded to my surroundings and those I encounter each day as everyone has the potential to provide some kind of inspiration or suggestion that just might work for me.

For instance, I was in a conversation with Doniel Culcleasure talking about triceps and he gave the simple suggestion about twisting my wrist at the end of the tricep kickback exercise that I tried and immediately instituted as a mainstay for my arm workouts.

The #Bodybuilding Life
Daniel Culcleasure.

On many occasions, I’ve walked into the gym and watched someone do a movement and thought, “I need to try that,” and later have tried that movement and modified it to what works best for my body and it then becomes part of my gym arsenal. I’ve found inspiration and direction in some unexpected ways and locations, but by being open and willing to try new things I’ve been able to try new things that work well for my body.

If you have any creative techniques or exercises that you’d like to share or a story about interesting inspiration I would love to hear from you and share your story, so reach out to me.


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