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TUF 22 – Episode 11 thoughts

To start off this show, we had two fighters from Team Europe and may I say, it was quite creepy.

David Teymur vs. Marcin Wrzosek was a great fight, both fighters showed great standup and wrestling. What made the difference was Wrzosek’s power. He rocked Teymur in the first round. Both guys scored takedowns, transitioned to better positions, did reversals, etc. It was as close to an equal matchup as we’ve seen all season.

TUF 22
Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.

Ultimately, Wrzosek won via split-decision. The second fight had more noise as it had a member from Team USA vs. Team Europe. Abner Lloveras vs. Juicy J was interesting in a controversial way. Lloveras was the fighter throwing more and connecting with heavy power, but it was Juicy J moving forward more in the later portion of round 2 and in round 3. Juicy connected with solid shots, but I think it was the fact that he pressed forward towards the end that gave him the match. Like I said, these guys put together combinations, but Lloveras didn’t seem to have gas towards the last portion of the second round, and pretty much the entire third round. Juicy had better card which just had him moving forward more. That’s the only difference I saw in this matchup. Juicy got the win via split-decision.

For the final episode we will see Lobov vs. Juicy J and Rogers vs. Wrzosek.


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