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Papa Spyk’s A Naughty Thing Called Life moves from the page to the big screen

Edouard “Papa Spyk” Gheur, an actor/stuntman best known for penning his memoirs in the book A Naughty Thing Called Life: The Papa Spyk Story, is moving forward with bringing his story to the big screen.

Gheur, 52, lived the sex, drugs and rock-and-roll lifestyle for many years, before several close brushes with death kickstarted a choice to positively reconstruct his life.

The projected release of the feature film is 2017 and is intended to be shown at a minimum of two major film festivals – Cannes and Sundance.


The film will star Patrick Bergin, Patrick Muldoon, Ben ShockleyWinston George Ellis, Ray Nicholas,  and Reece Dry. Salem N’Jie is the director and Gheur, George Ellis and Three Punk Productions make up the production team.

Gheur confirmed the budget for the film is approximately $5 million USD.

Muldoon is The Crossfire’s Celebrity Expert and as a close friend of Gheur’s, wrote the forward for his book. “He wants to play himself in my film as we are such a big part of each other’s lives,” Gheur said.

Patrick Muldoon
Friend Patrick Muldoon will play himself in the film. Courtesy Patrick Muldoon.

What did it take for the actors to come on board?

Turns out many of the actors are close friends of Gheur. “It was very easy actually cause they loved and felt my story,” Gheur explained. “I want people involved in my film that actually know me to make it very real, if you know what I mean.”

Take the case of Bergin, an actor who’s starred in over 100 movies, including Patriot Games with Harrison Ford and Sleeping with the Enemy with Julia Roberts.

“We have been friends for over 10 years,” Gheur revealed. “We lived in the same town (Brighton, U.K.) and became very close friends and he knows my family. He’s very close to Angelyna and he looks a lot like my father too.”

It would also explain why Gheur refused to sell his story to Hollywood, opting instead for a team that would ensure the story would be told accurately. “I am part of the production and I have final say on everything,” he said.

Gheur will play himself in the film, with his 10-year-old daughter Angelyna right by his side. “She loves the idea and the camera loves her,” he said. “She’s quite a character too.”

In fact, Gheur credits Angelyna with saving his life.

The book and movie may help Gheur regain his long-term financial footing, but it’s really about sharing his experiences to help make a difference.

It is so rewarding when you make a difference to someone’s life.

The documentary trailer (for the book) makes a statement of its own:

He’s cheated death several times, he admits.

“It’s a medical miracle I’m still here to be honest and I truly believe there’s a reason for it.”

Click here for more information on Gheur’s book A Naughty Thing Called Life.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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