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Happy Holidays 2015: Celebrities, athletes share Christmas traditions

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, fight fans.

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Every December 25th, celebrities and athletes across the spectrum share their holiday traditions with The Crossfire.  Last year, UFC bantamweight Sarah Kaufman and strawweight Randa Markos shared theirs.

This year, we have another wide assortment. As always, they’re not always prim and proper; just candid details and real life situations.

At Christmas.


Gheur is an actor, stuntman, and the author of A Naughty Thing called Life: The Papa Spyk Story. It will be released in theatres in December 2016. Angelyna is his nine-year-old daughter.

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PAPA SPYK: Sadly, I’m not allowed to see my very own little Angel my Angelyna on Christmas Day, so we celebrated it last weekend and we spoiled each other like two little kids and loved every minute of it.

And on Boxing Day we will be celebrating Christmas again with my parents visiting us from Florida.

Eduardo Gheur



Michelle Wright

Michelle is a multiple Juno-award winning recording artist and the first inductee of the Canadian Country Music Hall-of-Fame.

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MICHELLE WRIGHT: We are both so looking forward to the special day. We love Christmas around our house. We enjoy putting up all the decorations and watching lots of Christmas movies. My husband Marco actually ask me to marry him on Christmas Day right after we watched It’s A Wonderful Life.

Since my job requires me to travel throughout the year my family understands that all I want to do during the holiday season is be home. My sister in-law Celeste and brother-in-law Pat live in Nashville as well so they always come to our home on Christmas Eve and we enjoy Christmas day together. We also have a lot of fun. The group picture (up top) was taken by setting the timer on the camera and then we all jumped in front of it. It’s one of my favorite pictures.

So from my family to yours, we want to “Wish You A Merry Christmas.”


Kendra Kainz

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KENDRA KAINZ: Merry Christmas from Canada! We got snow!

Too many presents!


Laura is the Executive Producer for Short Films and lives in San Antonio, Texas. She stars in the film A Naughty Thing Called Life: The Papa Spyk Story being released in December 2016.

LAURA CARRETERO: I lost both of my parents in 2007 and since was very hard for me to celebrate Christmas.

But 5 years later, I started to go to church again.and I know both my parents would of love for me to celebrate Christmas with my boys and grandkids. Its all about being together as family and a few close friends.

Since I became a young grandmother..I was very happy and follow the family and making lots of pies and cookies. Probably apple pies, and will think of something for the cookies…

AUTHOR SHAUN ATTWOOD      @shaunattwood

Shaun Attwood

Shaun is known internationally for his series of books called The English Shaun Trilogy life story: Party time, Hard Time, and Prison Time. His previous interview with The Crossfire is essential reading.

He graciously shared a real Christmas excerpt story from his latest upcoming book The Two Tonys:

On Boxing Day, I meet Two Tonys at the fence. “How was your Christmas?”

“Not too bad. How was yours?”

“Good ’cause I ain’t got no beefs,” Two Tonys says. “Let me ask you something, Shaun. You ever heard of Chad or Somalia or Sudan?”


“Well how nice a Christmas do you think some of those poor people had? Do you know how many pieces of apple pie I got?”


“Three, and two issues of roast beef. It might have looked like shoe leather and tasted like shoe leather, but that’s OK ’cause guess what? Ivan would have snorted them up with his left nostril, and been as happy as if he were having supper with the Russian president. That’s my barometer now: how rough Ivan had it. Imagine being happy to lick some carrot gruel off a spoon. Or having to ride the cook’s leg to come up on some extra gills and tails in your fish-eyeball soup. My point is this: how can I complain when there’s always someone worse off? Of course I’d like to be chowing down on a Caesar salad, some escargot, a little bowl of scungilli, and some ravioli stuffed with spinach, but I ain’t gonna let those thoughts get me down.”

“What did you do on Christmas Day?” I ask.

“Played a little casino card game with Frankie. Watched a little TV. Sang some Christmas carols to myself: ‘Silent Night,’ ‘Jingle Bells,’ and all that crap. How can I get depressed in here? This is my retirement home. Not just anyone qualifies to be in here you know. You don’t just hop on a bus and say, ‘Driver, take me to the big house.’ This is an exclusive club. You’ve got to put some serious work in to get here. And what’s good about it is they can’t ever kick me out, ’cause I’m doing life. If things get crappy in here, I just tell myself, Get a grip, man. What would Ivan be thinking? Would he be raising hell about his waffles being cold in the morning? Would he hell. Like I’ve said before, that’s PMA, bro. That’s my positive mental attitude.”

Click here to read the internationally acclaimed Jon’s Jail Journal.

Enjoy the holidays and be thankful for you and yours, folks.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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