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The #Bodybuilding Life – Dirty off-season bulk vs clean off-season bulk

I’d like to take a moment to discuss the differences I’ve found putting on mass in the off-season with two contrasting techniques of “Dirty off-season bulk” versus a “Clean high-carb off-season bulk” that includes a couple days of cardio.

To some there is a lot of confusion how to have a successful off- season gaining actual muscle.  From my experience, I can tell you that with the “dirty bulk,” not only did I gain unnecessary fat, but I also lost valuable muscle when it came time for the dieting down for competitions, The twice-a-day 45-minute cardio sessions required to shed all that “dirty” weight was counterproductive and in hind sight, nonsensical.

Someone once told me: If you can’t see your abs in the off-season, then you shouldn’t call yourself a bodybuilder. I’ve adopted this philosophy, which is also shared by my coach AJ Sims, and my transformation was something I never imagined.  By eating “clean” foods, keeping a super-high carbohydrate intake coupled with a few days of short-burst cardio and intense training sessions, I’ve been able to stay incredibly lean while still adding the quality muscle that I need for the stage.

The #Bodybuilding Life

Coach AJ Sims keeps my food intake on the “clean” and narrow.

By following this protocol, I no longer have to do the dreadful sessions of cardio and I actually get bigger as I go into the show. AJ calls it: Growing into the show.  Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m a “clean” freak eating clean 7-days-a-week; my coach gives me a few choices of delicious high carb treats on strategic days like leg or back day which satisfies all my “dirty” food needs.  I’ve also noticed that even though I’m eating “clean” 90% of the time, I have zero junk food cravings; this is in part due to my high carbohydrate intake that allows my body to feel properly nourished.

The #Bodybuilding Life

Stay “clean,” my friends!

So I encourage any bodybuilder, fitness person or just an athletic enthusiast who want to build quality muscle while still looking like an X-Men superhero to do it the “clean” way.  Not to mention that your organs will also thank you along the way and in the future.

Stay “clean,” my friends!

@ferlanbailey The #Bodybuilding Life – Dirty off-season bulk vs clean off-season bulk



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