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Running the Ropes – The Look

I am excited for 2016 and can’t wait to experience new experiences and magic!

For me, it all starts in the gym. It’s my therapy, lifting the grid iron releases stress, gets rid of my frustrations and makes me me alive. I am working on my new look and as a wrestler The Look is so important. Being in top shape feels amazing and the more amazing you feel, the more amazing things you will attract.

Running the Ropes

I’m happy to start my new fitness journey with my girlfriend Kody Jenkins, who is disciplined and focused. She’s just what I need; someone to do my am cardio with.

Running the Ropes
Kody Jenkins.

We start our new training program tomorrow.

Thanks to Ferlan Bailey, who gives us some guidance in the right direction to our fitness goals.

Now onto wrestling.

Without The Look , wresting wouldn’t work. Wrestling is my passion and my calling so I’m going to give it all I have this year! Wrestling has always made me feel on purpose. Afa the Wild Samoan is an amazing man and gives so much of himself to the business, his shows and his school.

Running the Ropes
WWE Hall-of-Famer Afa the Wild Samoan.

Wrestling is his life and his family’s life. I want to add all I can to helping and giving back to wrestling now.To become my best , mentally, spiritually and physically.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but doesn’t mean you can’t give it your all and shoot for the stars!

Go after what’s in your heart & soul and go get it!

Running the Ropes


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