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The Wiseman Report – The case for The Ultimate Invicta Fighter

The UFC laid out the profitability blueprint for MMA organizations. If we take that blueprint and think of Invicta FC, what’s the next step for them?

We all watched how Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin put the UFC on the map with The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). They showed that Step One is the personalities. Invicta has so many talented women who put their everything into each match.

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At Invicta FC 15, Mizuki Inoue showed how technical and well-rounded she is. Her energy and talent forced people to pay attention. Livia Renata Souza also has energy, confidence, skill, knockout  power, etc. The list goes on.

Invicta FC 15
Courtesy Scott Hirano Photography/Invicta FC.

Invicta has the fighters. The problem that comes into play is the number of fighters. UFC has a load, which allows them to consistently put on shows, Sean Shelby has many fighters to choose from for matchups, and fans look forward to consistent fight weekends. Invicta doesn’t produce enough cards and the reason is not having enough fighters. Invicta FC has five divisions, but just over 80 fighters, according to my head count on their website.

Invicta FC 15
Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. Courtesy Scott Hirano Photography/Invicta FC.

Some haven’t been active for awhile. When you have fighters like Cyborg, how do you keep her busy? How many marketable fighters do you have? And how many solid opponents? Again, the UFC has laid this out. The new show Looking for a Fight has Dana White going back to what they had to do before UFC was so popular. He went everywhere looking for talent. Now, the UFC has The Ultimate Fighter to help bring in a load of new talent. We need more 145- pound women, so let’s get TUIF (The Ultimate Invicta Fighter) going.

Pick Cyborg as a coach and the next fighter she will face. Don’t have one? Fine. Do the tournament with the top two women at 145 be coaches. They fight each other at the end for top contender. The ladies in the house fight their way through to leapfrog for a title shot  at the champ.

Invicta FC 15
Courtesy Scott Hirano Photography/Invicta FC.

I’m thinking out of the box here, but what I’m saying is, we need more Invicta cards which means we need more fighters. TUIF could be a great breeding ground to help make the company more consistently on TV, but also help with putting on more fight cards.

The framework is there. Let’s get some fighters for more consistent events. I would tune into TUIF. Would you?


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