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The Super Genie Diary – The road to The House of Hardcore

Welcome to the very first instalment of The Super Genie Diary.

7:00AM: Sabu comes to my hotel room in Manhattan where I was doing a photo shoot in NYC the day before. Sabu drove during the night with his driver from Grand Rapids, Michigan to meet and take me, The Super Genie, to the weekend events. We have two shows and two autograph signings.

Sabu prefers driving over flying. He has a personal driver and photographer and driving allows him to travel with his dog AJ, who is a bit elderly so he likes to take care of him himself.  As The Super Genie, I play an important role in his matches.

Helping with entertaining entrances, locating chairs and tables for him, and advising what I think could help him beat his opponent.  It’s no secret Sabu is revered as an icon in the form of hardcore wrestling. He likes to make great use of steel chairs, and relies on me to toss them to him with great accuracy and skill.

No wishy-washy chair throws allowed!

That’s why he chose The Super Genie. I’m a pro bodybuilder, fitness model and former WWE trainee, and have the muscle and the knowledge from years of training in the gym and the ring.

7:30 AM: He knocks on my door, we say our hellos and take my bags down to the van.  The show today is in Philadelphia at the old ECW arena, and there is a room reservation waiting for us in Philly. , Hopefully, they won’t mind the early check in so Sabu and his driver can get some rest.  We stop at a McDonalds to get coffee. Sabu and his driver pick up some breakfast sandwiches, but i watch my weight as much as possible on these trips (at least till the shows and appearances are over), and decide to just have a protein shake.

Just over a couple hours later, we get to the hotel, and the driver gets out to check and see if a room is ready.  No room available yet, so we kill some time by catching up on the latest politics and scandals in the newspaper.

1:00PM: The room is ready, so the driver and Sabu grab most of the bags, and we head to our rooms.  I shower, put on some self-tanning lotion, and lay down to catch a few hours of sleep. The show is at 7:30PM , and there’s a meet-and-greet with the fans at 5:30, and it will take me about an hour-and-a-half to get ready. If I’m feeling energetic, sometimes I hit the hotel gym and work out, but after the previous days work, I just decide to get my beauty rest.

3:30PM: I’m up and it’s time to get down.

5:00PM: Sabu and I meet down by the van and head to the old ECW arena in South Philly. The driver who drove all night is too tired to come and wants to sleep, so we drive to the event ourselves. Sabu worked with ECW for many years, and sees many familiar faces so once we arrive there, there’s a lot of quick reminiscing.  I also bump into a lot of familiar faces from my time at WWE and the independent scene, and Sabu gives me some time to chat here and there, but then its time to get down to work.

We take our stuff to the locker room, say hello to everyone up there, and then head back down to the main floor. Once there, Sabu gets his instructions from the booker, and then we take promotional photos with the staff photographers (one of which is an old associate of Sabu’s from ECW). We try a few different poses and a few traditional ones.

7:30PM: It’s bell time at The House of Hardcore. Sabu isn’t up till after intermission, so we go back upstairs to the locker room, and Sabu continues his pre-match routine.  He does a bit of jogging on the spot, and slicks his hair down with water.  He pumps up a bit with exercise bands, and so do I.  It’s important to warm up the body before all the action that happens in the ring, even for a valet/manager like The Super Genie.  I have to use a great deal of strength to get those chairs thrown high and strong, and it’s surprising what a toll that can take on your shoulder and biceps if they aren’t warmed up.

We head downstairs to the gorilla position, say a little prayer together, and wait.  Sabu’s spot tonight is to run-in on a match, and many other ECW stars like Sandman, Dreamer and Tajiri are also involved.

Finally its time! Sabu’s heavy beat hits, and I walk out first, cut a couple of poses, then Sabu comes out behind me.  He taps me on the shoulder and I go down to one knee as he does his signature pose. We hold it for a count of –  say ten – while the photographers snap away at us and the video cameras are rolling. Sabu hits the ring and does his thing.

The crowd, full of former ECW fans goes wild with excitement, seeing some of the most notable “ECW Originals” in the ring together once again, and it raises to a fever pitch as Sandman, Tajiri, Dreamer, Sabu partake in a little beer drinking as per the Sandman’s typical gimmick. I’m added to the mix, and enjoy the nostalgic moment. Dreamer takes the mic and says how great it is to be in the ring with these men one last time, its quite the momentous occasion for everyone involved, and I’m happy to be part of it this night.

Once the cheering is done, Sabu and I say our goodbyes, get our gear from the locker room, and head out to a nearby diner. We walk in, and are met by cheer from a table of fans who had just been at the show.  We pose for a few photos with them, and they graciously pick up our bill.  Damn, I should have ordered the German chocolate cake, I’m thinking. Just a devious thought.

The next day will be a signing and show in New York so once back at the hotel, I gently wash off my makeup (which is much heavier than my daytime makeup, the brights lights in the ring wash light makeup out in photos), shower, put on more self-tanner and climb into bed.

8:30AM: The alarm goes off. I get up, put on my baseball cap, and sweats and head down to the hotel gym for a bit of light cardio and weights.  Then I get some of the breakfast spread that is part of the hotel reservation. Coffee and eggs and a bit of fruit is my breakfast, and then it’s about an hour or so to get ready for the autograph signing.  That means the Super Genie routine and also packing bags as we will be checking into a different hotel near Corona New York, where the show is that night. For now, the bags stay in the van, since we will be heading up to Elmhurst to pose for photos and sign Sabu/Super Genie 8x10s.

Traffic is terrible as usual, and the tolls are no fun either, so we arrive later than planned. I make a note to remember to get up and leave earlier, so we aren’t late. We greet many fans,  Sabu and I walk around to say hello to the other wrestlers, and pose for photos with Taz (who had an impressive feud with Sabu during their ECW days).

Jazz, and then I pose also with a few other wrestlers I had enjoyed watching in the past, and Chris Masters, who did some work with Melissa Coates in the WWE at Backlash 2005.

One of the best things about wrestling is even though many of us live in different states and countries, these events bring us all back together at some point and we get to keep up many friendships, stories and good times.  The travel schedule of a pro wrestler may be tough, but the long hours, and lack of sleep seem not so bad when we get to bump into old friends.

1:45PM: Sabu and I finish signing at the booth, then it’s time to eat, and check into the next hotel.. We’re are up in Corona, New York, for the show, and Sabu has a match with Abyss, kind of a continuation of their former barbed wire match at TNA.

The run-in from the previous night was to set up this match, and we are primed and ready. This time Sabu’s driver is with us,  and has the job of filming me during this match, so we can get some good footage of what Super Genie does.

It seems a few things went askew with tonight’s set up, as the booker mentions his workers leaving things in the city from the previous night. Dang, so hard to find good help these days! LOL. But the hours are long and people get tired and sometimes forget things.  It takes a certain type of person to handle the workload and life of a pro wrestler.

5:30PM: The doors open and it’s time for the meet-and-greet, and I take my spot beside Sabu at our table, and sign 8x10s and pose for photos with paying fans. $10 for either an 8×10 or a shot with Sabu and Super Genie, or $20 for three, either three 8x10s or two 8x10s and a personal shot with Sabu and Super Genie, says the driver.  We do this for about an hour, and then the driver wants to get a few photos with some of the other wrestlers.

Sabu plays photographer and introduces his driver to the wrestlers he wants to get photos with. I see some old friends and catch up a bit too.  My goodness, someone is pregnant and it’s pretty exciting for her! This girl is so lean all the time, its a shock to see her with some weight around her stomach, albeit its definitely all baby and no excess bodyweight. The expectant mother is still lean as ever everywhere else.

The meet-and-greet is over and then we head downstairs to go over match strategy and await our turn to entertain the fans. Sabu’s match (as it often is) is the main event, and the crowd has been excited to see him. Abyss hits the ring first.  Then it’s our turn. It’s a sold-out show and they cheer wildly as they hear Sabu’s music hit.

I walk out a few steps, hit a pose with my arms high over my head, then pull them down into the prayer postion which has become Super Genie’s signature pose. Seconds later, Sabu comes out behind me, and the crowd goes absolutely crazy. He touches my right shoulder, I go down onto one knee as he takes my hand to guide me.  Then I hit The Genie Pose again while flash bulbs go off and the crowd cheers.  Sabu tosses the chair in his hand to the ring, to a big pop from the crowd, and then makes his way down to the ring,  We go down opposite sides, pause in the middle to his signature pose and Super Genie’s signature pose, and then we continue to the front of the ring opposite the hard camera.

I jump up onto the apron, and do my pose kneeling, first arms up high, then arms pulled down into prayer, while at the same time Sabu points up.  He gets into the ring, holds the ropes open for me, and then we do our pose again in the middle of the ring, and sometimes to either side of the ring so all the fans get a good look.  I exit the ring, and Sabu runs here and there a bit, ready for action.

Once its time for the match, he comes to the side where I am standing, and I take off his headpiece.  Its time to do this! Sabu does his thing, often starting by working the leg, and things proceed from there,  At one point Abyss grabs a garbage can, and then i get it and throw it to Sabu to use on him.  Sabu’s driver is at ringside, filming my every move, some of its running from here to there, to get chairs, to see how Sabu is doing, and to give him words of encouragement, or maybe suggest a move or two.  After a particularly smooth chair toss, I hear a fan say”She’s a keeper.” Thank you!  At one point Abyss grabs a chair out of my hands to use on Sabu, and even slams Sabu into a bunch of thumb tacks he poured onto the ring. But its all for naught, Sabu wins the match with a flying headbutt spear off a chair, sending Abyss crashing into a table that has been set up in the corner.

I jump in to congratulate him and gently start picking the thumb tacks out of his back.  There are a ton of them, and it looks painful. What a job!  It has been a painful match, but Sabu still poses graciously for the crowd, and I pose beside him.  Many cheers as we leave the ring.

Another successful evening for the Sabu/Super Genie team.

We head to the locker room, Sabu wipes the blood off his back, and i help with a wet towel.  We pack our bags, say goodbye, thanks and head out to the van. Our driver is waiting for us, and being pretty tired from a long day, we pass through another drive through fast food place to get something to eat.  I order a grilled chicken sandwich and eat it minus the bun.  The next day its another two hour drive and a signing in Allentown, PA. “November to Remember 2” it’s named after the ECW pay- per-view.  We get to the hotel around midnight, and get ready for bed.

8:30AM: My alarm goes off.  I go down stairs to get something to eat.  Sabu doesn’t take long to get ready for shows or appearances, not the same way I do, with my having to do my long blonde hair and makeup, so I grab some eggs and coffee on my own. I also allow myself some sausage or maybe bacon since its the last event of the weekend, and I can lighten up on my diet.  The straight protein doesn’t give me the most energy in the world, but its enough to be public friendly, and I can’t indulge in the typical pastries and such at hotel’s morning spread as they for sure will bloat me. I rely on coffee or the occasional energy drink to help me perk up if  need to.

Today doesn’t have to be such heavy makeup since we are just signing autographs, and I wont be under the harsh lighting of the ring, which is relief to my skin. I pack up my suitcase since I will be checking out, and meet the driver and Sabu downstairs. I make sure to grab an extra coffee for Sabu and me as we leave.  I love coffee, and rarely do I see Sabu without a coffee in his hand.  It’s the third day of our weekend, and our energy is starting to get a bit low, especially while having to handle the traffic in the northeast. Tolls and traffic in this part of the country can be especially aggravating.  Always just have to shake it off as best as possible and be ready to smile and be friendly to the fans.

11:00AM: We make it to the Sports Store where the event is going on, and sit at our table to a line of fans who are waiting for us.  I see someone I had done a show as a wrestler a couple of years back, and he is doing security at this event.  We sign the 8x10s already prepared for us by the agent who booked us for this event, pose for photos with the fans at various backdrops painted on the wall in the store (one backdrop is a funny painting of a train so when we pose in front of it, it looks like we all are about to be run down by a train).

1:00PM: Our shift is done, and the agent has us sign a few more 8x10s (which i suppose will turn up on eBay), we collect our share of the pay, and then the weekend is finally done.  Or I should have said, is almost done, as now we have the long trip back to Michigan to drive.

Ah, life on the road.


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  1. its an undersment for those that think that industy is hard becaause the life.. to be active al the time.. travel. no sleep. times 20 yrs and maybe a good paychek.. props to u.. il keep watching out but its good that the plp r great and that u can catch up on old times.. for yrs doig that life.. it will wear u out. muscles from brussles.. those legs and arms.. grabs chair and slams sabu/ wham!!

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