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Baszler wrestles Schneider at PREMIER XII: Kratos vs Graves

Colleen Schneider (10-6-0) will face Shayna Baszler (15-10-0) March 6th but inside the squared circle and not the cage.

The two MMA athletes will lock up in a professional wrestling match  at PREMIER VII, at the Portuguese Hall IFDES lodge in Gilroy, California.

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PREMIER is a professional wrestling organization founded in 2013 by John LaRocca. According to its website, the goal is to “bring the focus back to the sport of pro wrestling.”

Courtesy PREMIER.

It’s women’s division currently lists four wrestlers, not including Baszler and Schneider, who are making their debut.

Invicta FC 15
Colleen Schneider (R) punches Raquel Pa ‘aloha at Invicta FC 15. Courtesy Scott Hirano Photography/Invicta FC.

Schneider defeated Raquel Pa ‘aluhi at Invicta FC 15, while Pennington submitted Jessica Andrade at UFC 191 back in September.

PREMIER champion JR Kratos (9-2-1) defends against Joe Graves (4-1-1) in the main event.

Tickets are currently $10 USD but will increase to $15 USD on the day of the event.

More information can be found at PREMIER’s website.


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