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The #Bodybuilding Life – Nagging body parts

I’m not sure if everyone wakes up in the morning and critiques themselves in the mirror, but that is part of my daily routine.

This journey of bodybuilding that I’ve chosen has taken  my need to be bigger and better to another level and so I find myself looking at myself through a more critical eye than an approving one.  The tricky part of seeing everything about your body through a critical eye is utilizing the critique to drive yourself forward towards your goals instead of tearing yourself down making the goals feel impossible.

Everyone has that one thing about themselves that they just can’t see any positive about, so the question of the day is what do you do about it?

I’ve talked about the struggle with my biceps, but nothing compares to the hate-hate relationship I have had with my calves over the years.  Not so very long ago, you couldn’t pay me enough money to wear shorts out in public, my gym attire consisted  of only pants; hot weather or cold weather, I was wearing pants because I refused to show my calves.

How extreme my quest was to never show my legs? People that had known me in the gym for many years couldn’t have told you whether I had legs or not because they had never seen me in shorts.  I’m sure those of you that know me now or follow me on Facebook and Instagram find this extremely hard to believe, since now I wear nothing but shorts, the tighter and shorter the better.

The transition to unveil the one thing that I truly hated about myself took several years and a lot of internal battles of which I did not always win.  But I remember the day so clearly, that I finally threw caution to the wind and decided I was no longer going to worry about what people thought, including myself and I wore basketball shorts to the gym for the first time.

There were some surprised looks and of course, someone came up and commented on my small ankles  to which my response was to pull my shorts up and show him my entire leg.  It was from that first day that I vowed to never turn back, to wear shorts that showed off my whole leg that I had hidden away for so long. The change of bringing out into the light what was once hidden away was a freeing experience and helped me transform my body image causing me to put love and energy into what I once hated and neglected and wouldn’t you know it, my calves responded to this change as well.

The response did not happen overnight and it has taken a lot of blood, sweat and swears to get to where I actually don’t hate my calves but that in and of itself is a victory and actually getting compliments on my calves today is a reward beyond measure for all that hard work.

I encourage everyone to face their dreaded body part head on changing your perception of yourself and show it the love and energy it needs to become one of your best features.  We are all built differently, have different views and goals but we all look in the mirror each day and strive for something, go after what you desire because anything is possible.  If you have a story of a struggle and victory you’d like to share please reach out to me as I’d love to hear from you and share your story.


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