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The Super Genie Diary – One Night Stand Tokyo tour: Day One

Welcome back to another chapter of The Super Genie Diary.

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TOKYO TOUR, OCTOBER 5, 2015 – Tom, our driver, took Sabu and me to the Detroit metropolitan airport where we caught the first leg of our flight to Tokyo.  We left at 2:24PM ET and arrived in LAX at 6:40PM ET. We then caught our flight from LAX to Narita Tokyo at 7:30PM ET and arrived in Narita October 6th that evening.  The flight was long, but good. Delta airlines.

The Super Genie Diary
A Delta Airlines plane leaves LAX airport.

Sabu slept most of the trip, while I read my training manual and tried to be productive. Sabu graciously obliged and flew on this trip economy, so that my plane ticket on this, my first trip to Japan, was also covered.  Managers are not often flown into Japan, but Sabu gave up his first class seat on this trip to have me come with him.  Sabu has a kind and generous nature, and is modest, a trait most people would not expect from such a celebrated hardcore champion.

The Super Genie Diary

We got through customs and then Sabu’s friend and fellow wrestler Nosawa and two of his comrades picked us up at the airport. Nosawa is a famous wrestler himself, mostly in Mexico and Japan.
The Super Genie Diary

My first impression of Tokyo was that it is like a mini-New York City, but twice as congested. It seemed cleaner, despite this. Buildings on top of buildings, and many freeways.

The Super Genie Diary
Tokyo, at night.

Nosawa took us to our hotel, The Miyako, and we checked into our thirteenth floor room. It was very compact, and tidily arranged to make the most of the small amount of room.

The Super Genie Diary
The Sheraton Miyako Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

The tub is half the size of a tub in the US, and made so that you sit with your legs bent, but being such a small size it fills very quickly, and has very hot water as well. This is a nice hotel, with many amenitites in the room, including an emergency bag you put over your head in case of radiation. This measure was adopted in Japan after the March 2011 tsunami, which damaged a nuclear power plant in Japan, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

The Super Genie Diary
Japan doesn’t play around.

What was also remarkable about the hotel is that after the fourth floor, the windows are rigged to hardly open. This is due to the high number of suicides in Japan. In Japan, it is considered an honourable way to die, where as in the US it is considered rather cowardly.  This is a big difference between the Japanese and American/Canadian cultures.  Which I noticed quite a few on this tour.  Also after the fourth floor, there is netting inside the hotel to that again in the case of suicide, it cant be done within the hotel, and also trash or be it falling people over the bannister won’t land on someone below.

The Super Genie Diary
Sheraton Miyako Hotel.

Once we checked in, Nosawa took us to the hotel restaurant, where we had sushi and shabu shabu.  It was delicious! It had been a long flight, so Sabu and I went to bed.

The Super Genie Diary








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