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The Super Genie Diary – One Night Stand Tokyo Tour: Day Two

Welcome back to The Super Genie Diary.

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The Road to the House of Hardcore

TOKYO TOUR, OCTOBER 6, 2015 – We had this day off to rest up after the long travel the day before.

Sabu and I slept in, then in the afternoon got ready in casual and comfortable clothes to go out for something to eat with Sabu’s long time friends Fumi Saito who is one of the editors of Weekly Pro Wrestling, and his friend Haru, who designed our t-shirt, and also does the artwork and color schemes for the mentioned magazine.

The Super Genie Diary
Japanese wrestling journalist Fumi Saito.

Sabu had a good time catching up with his long time friends (including a lot of conversation from  last WrestleMania when we were in San Jose for WrestleCon and Fumi suddenly hit the floor in the convention hall.)  Apparently he fainted from being tired from the long flight to San Jose from Japan. Sabu acted like a hero in this event, and doted on Fumi to make sure his friend was ok.  And it was touching to hear Fumi tell Sabu that he was the only one he trusted and didn’t want Sabu to leave his side.  Such a strong friendship here, one can only hope to develop friendships like the two of them share.

I also learned a few new words. Ochi (pronounced Oh-she) which means tastes good, and Ochico (pronounced oh-she-coh), which means “piss”. Lol. Fumi and Haru had a good laugh while Sabu fooled me into saying naughty or embarrassing things in Japanese, while i was making an earnest attempt to learn the language. Ha ha, quite the jester he is.

The Super Genie Diary
There’s a lot to see in Tokyo.

I had never been to Japan and Sabu wanted me to have a good time, so we did some tourist stuff, and went to the Hard Rock Cafe.  I saw some incredible clothing in the windows of stores, so we did some shopping as well.  Clothing is expensive in Japan is the main thing I noticed, but also really incredible! I checked out a red possible new genie outfit, but sadly it didnt fit on me too well (my proportions are not typical to say the least), and the sequins on it were incredibly uncomfortable. Oh well.
The Super Genie Diary

Besides Japan being congested and expensive, it was nice to note there is almost no crime there as compared to NYC.  As well on every corner there are these cool vending machines, where you can even get beer. Which made me wonder what about kids getting the beer before being of drinking age.  Apparently Japanese kids are fairly well brought up, and are trusted not to do this. Wow. Big difference from most of the North American culture there too!

The Super Genie Diary
A Ramen vending machine.

Just about everyone in Japan smokes too, so you can get in thse vending machines, cigarettes, beer, vitamin drinks, shaving cream, hot or cold coffee (indicated by a red or blue dot), wallets and food such as rice balls, which are a new favorite for me.

The Super Genie Diary
Japanese Rice Balls. Photo courtesy Kimberly Steele.

Wrapped in seaweed, there is either a small piece of tuna or salmon embedded in a bed of rice. So delicious! I couldn’t get enough of them, and rice is not something typically on my low carb Super Genie diet.  There are also many stores similar to Seven-Elevens where you can also get many Japanese dishes, then heat them up in the hotel microwave.

This is a more economical way to eat and I tried many Japanese dishes I usually would have. Sabu of course started his long successful career in Japan, and even lived there two years. So I had the best tour guide possible. He recommended things to try. Some I like, some I didn’t.  Lol. But I’m definitely always up to try something once.

That ended Day Two. The next day would be our first show, so we needed to get to bed early.

Good Night, or as the Japanese would say, Oiyasumi.

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