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Conversations – DB Bourbon Candy CEO Robyn Stuart

DB Bourbon Candy owner Robyn Stuart has been making candy since she was a five-year-old child.

Her specially crafted Bourbon sweets are now the pride of Louisville, Kentucky, but it’s more than that.

Baking was the special bond between her and her late mother, who passed away in 2002. It’s a treat Stuart now shares with the world.

The 88th Academy  Awards will honour the best in motion pictures and sciences Sunday, February 28th. And DB Bourbon Candy will be there once again.

We last spoke to Stuart in 2010. During Oscars week, which Stuart is attending, we speak to her again.

Welcome back to The Crossfire.

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MMA Crossfire: What’s been some of the biggest changes with DB Bourbon Candy since we last spoke?

Robyn Stuart: Well, one of the biggest changes has been we are now located in over 110 stores and that has been an exciting journey.

MMA Crossfire: Has the method and recipe for the candy stayed the same? Are there any new premier products?

Robyn Stuart: The recipe has stayed the same. A lot of new products have been added such as chocolate covered popcorn and pecan delight.

DB Bourbon Candy
DB Bourbon Candy at the 2016 Oscars.

MMA Crossfire: You are doing the Oscars for the third time, I believe. How do you prepare for these events?

Robyn Stuart: We pretty much have a checklist we go by to make sure we’re ready for travel and have everything we need to for getting there and making sure that things are shipped in a timely manner. It’s the hardest thing and the once everything is in place just make it happen and go for it.

DB Bourbon Candy
2016 will mark DB Bourbon Candy’s third year at The Oscars.

MMA Crossfire: In previous interviews, you’ve shared some celebrity moments such as with William Shatner. Are there any other celebrity moments you can share?

Robyn Stuart: One of the more funnier moments was seeing the actress that played Tabitha in Bewitched came through and I hadn’t seen her forever Just remembering her as a little girl on that show brought back so many memories and I asked her,  you know if you do lose to go saying what her nose, so that was kind of funny for us.

MMA Crossfire: Yes, Erin Murphy.

DB Bourbon Candy
Robyn with Erin Murphy at Oscars week 2016. Courtesy Robyn Stuart.

Robyn Stuart: That’s another funny thing. Without my publicist, I truly would not know who anyone was because I know faces, but sometimes I don’t know the name and then she’s always there to help me out.

DB Bourbon Candy
DB Bourbon Candy owner Robyn Stuart with actor Ernie Hudson. Courtesy Robyn Stuart.

MMA Crossfire: You must be very proud of your team.

Robyn Stuart: Well, I have amazing people surrounding me who help me with all the large events. They’re very supportive of what are missionaries and they know what the goal of DB Bourbon Candy is. Sherlene Shanklin is the public relations person for DB Bourbon Candy and this year, I partnered up with two of my high school classmates on a new business venture, so we’re always reinventing ourselves.

MMA Crossfire: Have you had a chance to interact with any fighters or boxers?

Robyn Stuart: Oh yeah! I’ve visited Vegas boxing matches and some clients of mine deal with Floyd Mayweather and some of the household boxing names. Back in the day, Lennox Lewis, oh yeah. We also get a lot of athletes here at the Kentucky Derby and they come out to most of the galas to have a real good time.

MMA Crossfire: What can you tell us about this years 2016 DB Bourbon Candy Oscar launch?

Robyn Stuart: Well, this year we launch for the first time in Krogers, which is a big deal. We’re in 88 stores and I’m so proud to be a part of that project where they bring in local vendors and celebrate them, so it’s real nice.

DB Bourbon Candy
At Oscars week 2016. Courtesy Robyn Stuart.

MMA Crossfire: Excellent. Any plans to take over Walmart?

Robyn Stuart: (Laughs). It would take a lot of planning and hard work to get inside Walmart or any other big box store, but we would love to if given the opportunity.

MMA Crossfire: Step by step. Will you be debuting any of the new product at the Oscars? 

Robyn Stuart: For the first time, we’ll be taking our chocolate covered popcorn and other delights to the many Oscars gift lounges this year. They can still enjoy circle different flavors of the third of the truffle.

MMA Crossfire: A simple thing as candy can break the ice and open doors don’t you find?

DB Bourbon Candy
Tasty treats.

Robyn Stuart: Yes. I don’t think even Mom could imagine how this has turned out. She definitely had no intentions on turning anything into a business but I think now doing this in memory of her has turned it into a wonderful household name.

MMA Crossfire: You also served in the military.

Robyn Stuart: Yes. From 1988 to 1992, I was stationed in Germany and got out (with the rank of Sargent) and came back home. 2002 is when I lost my mom, so it’s changed everything.

MMA Crossfire: There’s no question that experience helped you overcome any tough times in getting DB rolling.

Robyn Stuart: At first this was just something to get me through on losing my mom and now it has turned out to be something greater than I anticipated.

DB Bourbon Candy
Another satisfied celebrity. Courtesy Robyn C. Stuart.

MMA Crossfire: In essence, it’s become a tribute to your Mom.

Robyn Stuart: Always. Without her, there would not be a DB Bourbon Candy.

MMA Crossfire: Well I appreciate the time again Robyn.  Was there anything else you wanted to mention?

Robyn Stuart: No, I think we’re good and once again thank you Kenai for showing me some love. I greatly appreciate it.

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Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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