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The Super Genie Diary – One Night Stand Tokyo Tour – Day Four

Welcome back to The Super Genie Diary.

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TOKYO TOUR  OCTOBER 9, 2015 – Today starts slow. Yesterday was an exciting day, but a long one with so much going on.  Thankfully, I dont have to be up until noon. Today we have an interview with a Japan magazine.

7:00AM – I wake up early and eat some of the cornerstore rice balls that we have in the fridge. Still tired, I go back to bed. Sabu is still sleeping, but at one point wakes up long enough to have a protein shake.  He shares it with me.

By noon, I decide if I want to look presentable and not be rushed, I had better get up. I want to look good today, but dont have to be in my Super Genie gear.  I packed a gold form-fitting dress, and decide this will look good with my genie belt, hat, and white boots I packed.

Super Genie Diary

Of course, I overpacked and brought way too much stuff. The suitcase is too big for the room. So Sabu isn’t happy about that. As a model, I have to admit I always overpack., but I like to be prepared. It just means I typically bring three times more clothing than I need to, and about triple the amount of makeup too, just in case i feel like doing something different one day. LOL. So far, I’ve stuck to my regular routine. The Super Genie gimmick is still fairly new, and Sabu doesn’t want me to change much of anything until the fans are really familiar with it.

I’ve yet to do a move in the ring during Sabu’s matches as well, sticking to enhancing his entrance, tossing chairs and locating tables, and assisting him in other ways.  One time it was pulling thumbtacks out of his back. But altough trained by WWE, and a fairly experienced wrestler, Sabu is waiting for the time to be right for me to break out any actual moves in the ring.  I’m eagerly awaiting that day.

The Super Genie Diary

I have an important role in my work with Sabu, but having wrestled as Melissa “Ms Olympia” Coates for several years, as well as managing some male wrestlers,and mixing it up a bit in the ring with the guys  I do miss the action. But that day will come soon, and I’m sure once I get the old aches and pains that I used to have from the bumps in the ring, I may look back and miss the days I enjoy now.  Would figure, right?

The Super Genie Diary

Sabu gets up and puts on his turban with a t-shirt and his camouflage pants, and we head over to the coffee shop where we are meeting a male and female interviewer.  They greet us warmly and get us a nice coffee drink.  We sit and Sabu answers a variety of questions, and also makes a point of having them pay attention to my role in his matches now.  Its nice to be appreciated.  Sabu is excited because he is the only wrestler to ever get paid by this magazine to do an interview.  Sabu is very selective when doing interviews because he considers talking about himself being work.  So today he is open to doing this interview and a few photos, and it was much quicker for me to get ready today since i only had to pull on a dress and put on makeup and my genie cap.

2:00PM – We finish up the interview, then go back to the hotel to change and get some more rest. Tomorrow is the big show day for Nozawa’s company. And the pivotal day with the start of the Onita/Sabu feud.  And we want it to go  over, huge.


That night Nosawa comes with his two friends who also were there to pick us up from the airport and they take us out to dinner.  The meal is on Nosawa, and wow, does he ever order a lot of dishes, and probably regrets it when he gets his bill. I have a couple of drinks to enjoy dinner. And Sabu has a couple of beers.  One of the dishes has a little blue egg on it, Im not sure what it is. So much of the food I have no idea what it is, but it looks very pretty.  I try as much as I can till I am completely full.

Again, Sabu has his fun tricking me into saying silly things in Japanese to Nosawa while I think I am saying something decent.  My embarrassment is Sabu’s entertainment.

Ochico. LOL.

After a couple of hours at the restaurant, we head back to the hotel and get ready for bed.  Tomorrow is an important day.  And I want to be prepared.

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