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The Super Genie Diary – One Night Stand Tokyo: Day Five

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The Road to the House of Hardcore

TOKYO TOUR, OCTOBER 10, 2015 – Today is what everyone has been waiting for.  One Night Stand Tokyo and its going to be a pivotal night in Sabu and Mr. Onita’s careers and to pro wrestling in Japan.

It’s from the lifestyle of having abnormal hours. It’s good in a way, but bad in other ways.  Mostly in that Sabu is a light sleeper and I end up waking him up when I get up and move around the room.

I think I ate too much food the night before. I wanted to be hospitable and try as much Japanese food as possible, but really ate too much.  As well the day before I had washed part of my genie outfit, and hung it near the window sill to dry and it seems to have gone missing.  So that sends Sabu and me into a bit of a ruckus to make adjustments to the remaining of my outfit.  Lucky for me I had brought an extra top, and I was able to contruct a new top that is more flattering than the initial one. Yay. Sabu is good with fashion sometimes. Another unexpected talent.

Super Genie Diary

So with a few snips here and there, and tying a few knots here and there, I have a new Super Genie outfit.

Sabu wants to go walk around a bit to wear down his nerves, so we try to find a McDonalds for him, so we can eat some regular food.  Last night was entertaining to try new things, but both of us had a bit of an upset stomach the next day.  Usually McDonalds is the one restaurant you can easily find in Japan, but we dont see one anywhere. I recall we did see one on the drive from the airport to the hotel a few days ago, but we have no idea where it is. And apparently it’s too far away for us to walk to.

We find another recognizable restaurant, Yoshimi Bowl, and have some recognizable almost American food. American-Japanese anyway.

We head back to the hotel and get our bags ready. Nosawa is going to pick us up around 3PM and he will have Tommy Dreamer with him, who flew in the night before.  I’m wearing my red genie cap and a red dress.  Nosawa picks us up at the hotel and we head to the venue.  Dreamer catches up a bit with Sabu. The two of them of course worked extensively together back at ECW.  So they talk a bit about Dreamer’s family, the famous steakhouse in Japan, the Rivera, and some other things.

The Super Genie Diary

We get to the venue and meet the other wrestlers. Sabu knows all of them, and introduces me around.  He tells me the boys approve of his new manager/valet. LOL. “Good choice,” he says they said to him.  I find a place to get into my blue genie outfit in private while Sabu keeps an eye out that no one sees me changing. Its an office room up a very skinny set of stairs. Once dressed, we head back to the main common locker room.  There are two of them, so Sabu takes me to the other room to introduce me around.

Sabu wants to go check out the ring and run through some spots with me. One, two , three chair tosses and they are all good.  Then Sabu has me hold the chair between the bottom and second rope with the idea of me holding it for him during the match so he can then jump on it and hit his opponent, who would be lying on the canvas with the head.  It take some timing, or i’ll end up hurting my hands as Sabu’s weight comes down on the chair.  Dreamer is by the ring and offers to do that spot, but Sabu tells him no. He wants me to get the pop, and saves any move he delivers involving a chair with teamwork for my involvment only.  It’s a small venue, but will be sold out. Tonight’s match will be a triple-threat tag team match with Dreamer and Sabu (and Super Genie) against Onita and Hosaka vs Nosawa and Mazada.

Super Genie Diary

Bell time and the show begins. Mr. Onita has a match before ours, and at the completion of his match he calls out Sabu. Sabu comes out to the ring, to the cheers of the crowd, who has been looking for this feud for quite some time now. Years in fact.  Each time Sabu points up, the crowd cheers. Onita then challenges Sabu to a series of death matches, the first one to be on December 22nd (which got postponed due to reasons I will write in my next diary).  I don’t understand Japanese, but I do know a challenge is being delivered.

After this spot, Sabu expalins to me that Onita basically said this:  The Sheik was Number One, and Onita was Number Two, and now it’s Sabu’s turn to be Number One.  There would be a series of death matches, ending one day in the most dangerous of all matches,  an Explosion Match.

The show continues, and then it’s time for the triple-threat tag team match.  When Sabu and I come out, Sabu tosses a chair towards the ring, and hits one of his opponents who was sitting on the top rope in the corner square in the middle of the back. It was like he had incredible aim and had meant to do it on purpose, but it was completely by fluke. LOL. Great start to the match. Couldn’t have been more perfect.  (One time in throwing a chair to Sabu, I hit a light bulb that was on a wire above the ring and shattered it all over the canvas.  That was another fluke that seemed almost planned! We were both pretty happy about that one too. Of course I’ve never been able to repeat that since LOL).

The Super Genie Diary

Again the crowd didnt know what to expect from me, and at the first tossed chair they popped as it seemed to appear out of the air and jump into Sabu’s hands. By the second time, the crowd realized it was Super Genie tossing the chairs. Much melee during the match.  Sabu beat Mazada with a facebuster. At the end of the match, all opponents pose together in the middle of the ring, with me beside Sabu in the front. Rather than act like enemies in Japan, the wrestlers at the end behave as friends, somewhat as baseball players do. At the end of the game, they all shake hands in a show of sportsmanship.

Super Genie Diary

Show over, Sabu and I head outside where there was tables set up for the wrestlers and vendors  to sell merchanidse.  The photo that sells  the most is a photo of me and Sabu together.  I feel good.  After posing for photo after photo, signing photo after photo, we are given our share of the money and then head back into the building and go to the locker room to get back into our street clothes and Nosawa drives back to the hotel. Dreamer had told us earlier that Luke Gallows (my former partner at WWE developmental Deep South Wrestling) wanted to invite Sabu out to dinner after the show, but Sabu opts to spend his last night in Tokyo with me and two of his long time friends. Nosawa invites us to the famous steakhouse where wrestlers are honored with special jackets, but again Sabu declines. He is tired and just wants to enjoy a quiet evening and more Korean BBQ.

We shower, get changed and his two friends Fumi from the night before and another of his long time friends Sato, who he tells me is the most famous bootlegger in Japan (he goes to rock concerts and wrestling events and take photos he makes a good living off of. And hangs out with Hulk Hogan, Kiss, Aerosmith, and Ozzie, examples of his close friends).

The Super Genie Diary
Sabu and The Super Genie with good friend Masa Horie.

We go back to the Korean BBQ and have a huge plate of choice cuts of beef and salad and soup.  Full and satisfied, we walk back to the hotel and go to bed.  The next day we head back to the United States.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sabu and The Super Genie head back to Japan for February 26th, 2016. The Super Genie Melissa Coates will share this new experience in The Super Genie Diary. Stay tuned.

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