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Running the Ropes – The Sister

I am finally developing what’s been inside me since I can remember.

The Sister.

The time is perfect for The Sister to manifest. She’s entertaining, powerful, charismatic, an ass kicker, strong. She’s something new and fresh.

I have the opportunity to develop this at Afa The Wild Samoans Promotion WXW Wrestling where they believe in me.

Running the Ropes

My mentor Superstar Billy Graham loved this idea when I presented it to him in 2008 at the Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas, where he saw me wrestle. My dear brother Hulk Hogan loved the idea too.

Running the Ropes
Jaime D with Superstar Billy Graham.

It never manifested at that time though. I guess the universe didn’t think I was quite ready for this task.

And to be honest, I wasn’t.

My vision of The Sister would be the female version of SuperstarBilly Graham/Hulk Hogan, but make it my own.

Running the Ropes
Jaime D with Hulk Hogan.

I am excited to see this come to life and take off like a rocket.

Lord knows it’s in me.

March 5th in Orlando Florida, I will be wrestling as The Sister, saying my prayers and eating my vitamins.

I will enjoy this new journey and trust the universe will help me manifest this to where it’s meant to be!


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