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Running the Ropes – The next phase

Since I have finally been being The Sister in wrestling, things have been flowing great. I am making history in WXW wrestling by being the first woman to do a hardcore match against a man.

On March 26th, I challenge The Outcast Jorel Ganzy in a hardcore match.

Of course, some feathers are being ruffled by this matchup.

But you see, these are the things I get to do being The Sister.
Be the first woman to do things so I can open up doors and pave the way for more women.

I get to be a strong force for the woman and this is something that is  important and dear to my heart! Being strong and independent is important.

So, I will push on. But first, an apology to Urkel:

I am mentally preparing my mind and body for this match. In addition to ring practice, I make sure to:

  • Hit the weight room and get my cardio done five to six days a week
  • Getting my meals in
  • Surrounding myself with people who bring out the best in me
  • Surrounding myself with people who believe in me and want to see me success
  • Keeping grounded in my spirituality and meditating
    Reading books that inspire me
  • Do my daily dozen yoga poses to prevent injury and keep my body flexible

Running the Ropes

Saturday March 26th, I will make history and come out the winner!


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