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The #Bodybuilding Life – Checkup from the neck up

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Whether you’re a serious competitor, gym freak or the average Joe, one thing we all have in common is wanting to have that great body.

We kill ourselves in the gym, buy tons of supplements,  read all sorts of cook books , drink blended grass and pay trainers for diet and exercise tips. But the one thing many of us either forget or ignore is our inner health. Yes I know it’s a pain in the butt to schedule doctor appointments and blood work. But what good is the external appearance if the internal is falling apart or not functioning properly? You will find that when all aspects of the insides, organs , metabolism etc. are functioning properly and at optimal levels it makes the outside look amazing from skin texture , hair growth and so much more.

The #Bodybuilding Life

Let’s talk real for a second. Some avoid the doctors and checkups because of certain supplements they may be on and are afraid to disclose this to their doctor. My advice is: Find a doctor you feel comfortable being open with so you can live a long healthy life. Not doing this is a mistake many of us make and it can catch up to you.

The #Bodybuilding Life

Me personally, I’m a paranoid freak when it comes to my health. If I cough the wrong way I’m calling my doctor, LOL. Some call me crazy, I call myself cautious and it’s paid off so far.

Lastly, for competitors my advice is if your coach isn’t concerned about your health or doesn’t have the knowledge to keep you healthy, find another coach.

There is so much more to life than competing or lifting thousands of pounds in the gym. Be great, inside and out.


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