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The Super Genie Diary – Wrestlecon and Wrestlemania 32 weekend

DALLAS, APRIL 1ST – We arrived via the Magic Carpet SUV which Sabu’s driver Tom drove from my place in Atlanta, to downtown Dallas. Since we were staying at the downtown Hyatt Regency hotel, we decided to have my neighbor watch Sabu’s dog AJ. We knew he wouldn’t be welcome at the hotel we were staying at, or at any of the signings and events we were going to be doing.

AJ is 17-years-old now, but still has a little spring in his step! He’s a happy dog, because Sabu spoils him so much. If Sabu goes through a drive through at McDonald’s, he isn’t just getting himself food, he’s getting some for AJ too.

The weekend was a busy weekend, with Wrestlemania 32 and Wrestlecon weekend.

We drove the twelve hours from Georgia, leaving around 10AM that Thursday morning and enjoyed the warm weather as we arrived into Texas.

The skyscrapers in Dallas are impressive. We checked in (trying successfully to avoid being recognized by fans or former workers) to our rooms, and I was happy to just stretch out and catch forty winks. By now it was 1:30AM, and our first booking started at 10AM for a 10AM-4PM time slot at the Wrestling with Wregret booth at Wrestlecon.

APRIL 2ND 7:30AM – Still tired and not particularly hungry, I grabbed coffee and a bite, showered and donned my pink and red I Dream of Genie costume. Sabu and Tom met me at the room and we headed downstairs to the booths at the convention.

“Sabuuuu, Sabuuuu” and a lot of pointing up greets us along the way, and an occasional Genie. So nice to feel appreciated, LOL.

We got the booth number from the signing table, and set off to find our spot at the Wrestling With Wregret Table with owner Bryan Zane. We walked into the convention hall and it was jam packed with fans and other wrestlers.

Above is the very first fan who greeted Sabu and me. He wanted  to be the first. And indeed he was lol. James Biggs (clean shaven head, LOL) and Brian Zane are in these photos as well.

The next photo shows Sabu with Tom there to collect the money and direct traffic. And quite a large line! It was the beginning of what was to be a superbusy day.
After a successful day at Wrestlecon, it was time for our interview with Telly Bistis and Title Match Wrestling. Telly has the big beard.

We headed to the Fairfield Inn where Telly and his crew were staying to do the interview for around 7PM. We had to make a few stops to get an electric razor chord for Sabu and a camera battery charger for Tom. Telly interviewed Sabu first, then brought me into chat a bit. They planned some creative ways to utilize the Genie gimmick. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

The last segment of the show involved our comments on prior matches Telly and his crew were hired to tape. Some were pretty hysterical. Some weren’t, like commenting on the Chris Benoit tragedy.

After the interview, we went back to put hotel to change and get ready to go to Kevin Nash’s Wrestlemania 32 party. Booked by Dave Herro, these are always a lot of fun.

It felt so good to get out of Super Genie gear and slip into something more comfortable: a pair of jeans, sequin top and baseball cap.

We gave the driver Tom the night off and drive to the Iron Cactus bar where the event was taking place. Valet parking, but no charge for us, which was nice.

We took the elevator up, and Sabu was immediately overwhelmed by fans wanting photos. I made my way to the bathroom and even there, people wanted photos! Snap, snap all night long!

We found some fans from Canada and grabbed a seat most of the night, but took time to pose with Victoria/Tara, Abyss,  Muhammad Hussein (who I knew by Magnus during my time training at OVW), Carlito, Dave Herro, Santino Marella, Chris Masters, and the final shot is me and Sabu, Sabu showing the effects of the drinks fans sent him all night long, lol!

In the past, these parties had been set up with tables for us to sell merch. Not this year, which was too bad because Sabu would have made a killing. I thought he was clearly the star of the event!

APRIL 2, 4PM – We completed our successful day at Wrestlecon, and took a little drive to find something to eat.

Now Texas is known for great Tex Mex food and BBQ, but as this restaurant with the hearse in front that Sabu snapped this hilarious photo of me.

It clearly was not one of the better restaurants, LOL. I tried their fairly tasteless gumbo, but at least I lived to tell about it!

After the days events, Sabu took me to enjoy a famous Texas institution, Whattaburger! After we got through a 45-minute drive- thru lineup (they were short handed, a very weary woman worker informed us), Sabu got their special Chop House burger and a vanilla shake (no other flavor was available at this time), and I got the original Whattaburger combo and a Fanta. They gave me strawberry instead of orange, which was a happy mistake for Sabu, as he drank half my drink, LOL.

The girl working the window seemed to think she knew me and said something to the effect she saw me the night before, LOL. I guess big blonde hair isn’t a rarity in Texas! She was completely mistaken, but was nice to me based off the mistake. “See you soon, Momma,” she said as we got our food and drove off to a parking spot to eat.   Whattaburger and whatta line-up, LOL. Impatient hungry people were beeping constantly. And the place inside was packed. Bad night to be shorthanded!

After eating, we returned to the hotel and watched some cartoons on the adult swim channel (Sabu’s choice). One cartoon we watched was called Mr. Pickles, about a warped dog who – you guessed it – loves pickles, but has a murderous streak. So sick, but so funny!

Sabu talked to RVD earlier in the night, and he was going to message Sabu after attending Wrestlemania 32, as Sabu didn’t want to go. So we went to sleep after watching some TV.

APRIL 2ND – After our meal, it was time to get ready for the WWN Supershow, where Sabu was to be part of a secret plot to give Terry Funk an award for his contributions to wrestling. Mick Foley even came under his own accord to honor Terry, and here are some shots of Sabu and him going over the plans for the surprise.

Sabu was particularly nervous and excited about this spot, and was running all over the venue, Jimmy Dean’s ranch, while I ran a few feet behind, LOL. Must have looked hilarious to the fans. The trick was while talking to Terry over the match that was to involve several surprises, not to reveal the real surprise, a pretty cool plan the owner came up with.

I bumped into several girls I worked with in the past, like their women’s champion Taylor Made, Su Yung, Andrea (who originally was Rossie Lotta Love), Leva Bates (who has recently gained NXT Fame as “Blue Pants”), and Latasha.

Finally, we got to Terry and Sabu’s spot and Sabu included me in the segment by having me throw him a chair while he feigned getting ready to deliver a chair shot to Funk. Mick Foley’s music hit, and the crowd went berserk. Flash bulbs went off everywhere as the three hardcore icons posed in the ring together, after Mick presented Terry Funk with his plaque. It went down without a hitch and the crowd was most appreciative. I was honored to be included in this moment.

Backstage we all posed for photos together, while Funk and Sabu caught up with each other. Funk said how he really suspected nothing.

Sabu and I went back to the dressing room, said our goodbyes, and returned to the hotel to relax.

APRIL 3RD, 9AM- The next day, Sunday, was a day off for us, and I was so happy to sleep in. I still woke up fairly early and began messaging some of my old friends I bumped into the night before at the WWN Supershow. Basically, to say how cool it was to see them again, and to apologize for not chatting much the night before at the show since I had been busy with Sabu and  the Terry Funk surprise.

Many of them I hadn’t seen in over a year, and that was before the Super Genie/Sabu gimmick, And I didn’t realize how much my life changed in the past couple years untill I saw the girls and remembered my days wrestling as Melissa “Ms Olympia” Coates. I still have good memories with a lot of the girls I bumped into from last night. And many I didn’t even recognize! A couple of them had to tell me who they were! In wrestling, looks are a huge part of it, and girls do what they can to keep their image fresh and exciting. One girl had an amazing new haircut that really suited her, and she now resembled a movie star.  It’s amazing what a few inches of hair can do!

It was good to avoid having to wear so much makeup,  but I still wanted to look presentable, so I did put some effort into getting dressed in a nice pair of jeans and a grey tank top, and did a nice natural makeup look. So much faster to get ready! Sabu was still sleeping, so I kept myself busy with reorganizing my bags and texting people from the night before.

We talked about going to Terry Funk’s BBQ, which was going on today (and of course Wrestlemania 32 was too), but Sabu ended up catching up on his sleep instead. So by the time he woke up, the BBQ was already half-over. After all the crazy rushing around the two days before while we were working, Sabu wanted to lay low and take it easy.

Tom researched a few of the famous Texan BBQ restaurants, so we went to one called Sonny’s, which wasn’t far from the hotel. Tom ordered a 3/4 lb. plate (3/4 lb. protein) all for himself, and Sabu and I shared a 3/4 plate. We tried the sausage, chicken and beef plate with coleslaw and fries as the sides, and it was delicious! I’m not really a big BBQ person after so many years on  high lean protein, moderate carbohydrate, low-fat diet, but on occasion I do like to enjoy slacking off a bit while travelling. At any rate, this was a great protein plate, so I decided to cut myself some slack. Oh, the butter and the cornbread!  Finger-licking good!

Unfortunately, I left my phone in the SUV and didn’t get a chance to snap any photos of our feast, but I can assure you it was delicious!

After eating, we headed back to the hotel. Sabu touched base with RVD who was going to Wrestlemania 32. I still love watching wrestling and attending WWE events, but Sabu not-so-much, so we just relaxed in the room.  We thought perhaps we would go to the WWE after-party, so RVD was going to message us after ‘Mania.

So all of us just laid in bed and watched TV. Eventually, we fell asleep. And oddly, we never heard back from RVD. I guess he found something else to do and so this day passed pretty uneventfully.

The next time Sabu heard from RVD was on Facebook around 5:30AM. He had just gotten in from an eventful night!

At any rate, it was early and so we slept as much as possible, before having to pack up and get ready for the drive back to my place in Georgia.

APRIL  4TH, 9AM – The last day of the weekend was upon us, with nothing pressing on the schedule, so when I woke up, I took a leisurely hot bubble bath with delicious grapefruit smelling shower gel I bought the day before. I’m a big believer in aromatherapy to make one feel more at home when on the road, so I like to invest in candles and shower gels on these long trips.

I packed up and met Sabu and Tom around 11AM. Sabu found RVD, and found out that in comparison to us, he had had quite the eventful night, resulting in among other things, the demise of $700 of Rob’s money. Staying in is far more cost efficient, LOL.

Sabu and RVD chatted a bit, and said his goodbyes and then there was just one more stop on our to-do list: More famous Texas BBQ. This time at Smokey John’s BBQ, an award-winning restaurant.

This time, I got plenty of photos of us enjoying the food. BBQ is okay by me, nothing special (I like sea food or sushi), but Tom was in heaven, LOL.

Got to have a happy driver!

We then set on the road for our twelve-hour drive back to Atlanta.

Bye Bye, Dallas! Another Super Genie weekend comes to a close.

Sabu and I appreciate you reading along. Without you, there is no us.

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