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The #Bodybuilding Life – Don’t sweat it

Everyone has some form of stress, particularly while pursuing a major goal in life.

A lot of us use the gym to work out that stress, but what else can we do to unwind?

We get so busy with the everyday hustle of life that we forget to take care of the most important thing – ourselves. Unchecked, stress can slowly or suddenly enter your life and over time to  manifest itself physically in your body, causing illness.

Combatting daily stress can sometimes seem an insurmountable task. However, the smallest of actions can often have the greatest impact. I’ve often found it’s the little things I personally use to help me stay even-keeled, focused and relaxed. From the moment that I’m blessed to open my eyes each morning (at 6:30 am because I hate wasting my day), I take a couple of minutes to thank God for another day and pray for my family and friends so we all remain safe, healthy and have a good day.

I can’t explain the impact of this brief prayer/meditation, but it instantly puts me in a positive mood and prepares me to face the day ahead. Yes, there are some days we wake up and have to rush and on those days after I get the kids off to school , get to work or the gym I pause and take that moment for myself to then do my prayer/meditation. This short daily moment of solitude has saved my life.

How, you ask?

By getting outside of the hundreds of thoughts running through my head and the tasks ahead of me, I’m able to breathe. Now my evening relaxation ritual is far less spiritual and may seem a bit corky, but those who know me will tell you I’m an odd one. Every night before bed, I turn my TV to the Turner Classic Movies (channel #256 if you have DirectTV ) to watch just a few minutes of an old black & white movie.

This puts me in a relaxed state after watching it in as little as two minutes that I can then turn the TV off, say my prayers and get my sleep. I implore you to find your inner daily peace and things will become abundantly clearer and much less overwhelming.


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