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TUF 23: Episode 3 thoughts

We see clips of JJ Aldrich and Tatiana Suarez preparing for their fight.

The sickness that Helen Harper had in Episode 2 turned out to be bronchitis. While training, she suffers a pop in her elbow, bringing her to tears. Joanna Jedrzejczyk tries to comfort her, but it’s more frustration for Harper. Harper turns to Khalil Roundtree (who was eliminated in Episode 2) for comfort.

Harper needs to get it together – and quickly.

Suarez reveals she was once diagnosed in 2011 with thyroid cancer. She underwent surgery and radiation treatments to overcome it.

TUF 23
Guess who lost the donut eating contest?

Roundtree and Cory Hendricks have a donut-eating contest, won by Roundtree. Hendricks has to wear makeup and wear a sports bra for the evening. Not the most entertaining portion of the show.

Aldrich talks about having the experience advantage, which is true. She’s fought in Invicta and can draw on those fights.

Welterweight champion Robbie Lawler shows up at Suarez’s training session.

Aldrich weighs in at 115, while Suarez weighs in at 115.5.


TUF 23
JJ Aldrich and Taitiana Suarez. Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.

Both fighters used measured aggression. Aldrich stuffed the first takedown attempt, but not the second. Suarez used her grappling, but Aldrich gets up near the cage, where Suarez takes her down again and takes the back. Trying to get hooks in, Suarez softens Aldrich up with punches, but Aldrich fights her way back up.

Suarez pins her against the cage and brings her down again. Control is all Suarez. Aldrich is taken down again, but Suarez is bleeding from  some earlier Aldrich strike. Aldrich gets up yet again and but Suarez pin her against the cage again with Aldrich using elbows to defend. The horn goes. Round One goes to Suarez.

Round 2 sees Aldrich take the centre, but Suarez gets another takedown. She controlled Aldrich on the mat for about two minutes before Aldrich gets up, only to be swiftly taken down again. Suarez gets the back and uses strikes to get Aldrich to get the rear-naked choke. Aldrich is forced to tap.

TUF 23
Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.


Joanna doesn’t sugarcoat the loss, saying JJ did well in the first round, but gave up in the second round.

Claudia Gadelha chooses the next fight. Andrew Sanchez will fight Myron Dennis in Episode 4.

Another solid fight.


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