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TUF 23: Episode 4 thoughts

In case you missed earlier TUF 23 recaps.

Episode 4 features Andrew Sanchez taking on Myron Dennis. Team Joanna is down 2-0 and she can’t be too pleased about that.

It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy for JJ. She tears into her team. They train like a bunch of “pussys.”

Team Claudia, on the other hand, chills with a Brazilian BBQ.  The team seems to be bonding well with Claudia and her squad, while Team Joanna is still a but unsure of themselves. Khalil Roundtree seems to be a positive force for them.

Joanna kick Claudia’s team out of the gym as they exceeded their training time. Both Joanna and Claudia feel disrespected in the process.

We find out that Sanchez likes to play the ukulele and the guitar. Sanchez and Cooper start to bond. Myron Dennis and his wife are expecting a child.

Dennis weighs in at 204.5 pounds. Sanchez comes in at 200 pounds.

Team Claudia pranks Team Joanna by tossing water balloons on them from above while they’re chilling in the swimming pool.



Dennis takes the centre , but Sanchez quickly takes him down against the cage into side control. Full mount briefly for Sanchez. Claudia barks to move Dennis to the middle of the octagon. But Dennis manages to stay close to the cage. But he can’t use the cage to wall-walk. He gets up with about 1:37 left in the round. But Sanchez clinches and takes him down again. Not too much damage, but Sanchez controlled the round.

Joanna does not look happy.


Dennis needs to win this round. Sanchez takes the centre. They clinch and a Sanchez takedown attempt is stuffed. Sanchez is the aggressor on the feet. “Fight Myron!” Joanna screams. Sanchez gets the takedown. Side control. Elbows. Dennis defending well, but he’s losing the round. They are in the middle of the cage.1:50 left. Dennis lands a nice upkick, but can’t get up. Referee John McCarthy warns Sanchez to work. Dennis gets up with a minute left. Sanchez pushes forward, driving Dennis to the cage and another takedown.  And the horn goes.


There’s no question the morale is down at Team Joanna.

Claudia gets to pick the next match. She chooses Lanchana Green vs Helen Harper.


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