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TUF 23: Episode 6 thoughts

Abdel’s personal problems are a cloud hovering over Team Claudia. Abdel has a chat with Dana White. He tries to get a three-week extension from his wife, but she stands firm. He caves in on the promise from his wife she will not divorce him if he leaves.

He breaks the news to Claudia.  Dana grants a rare exception for Abdel to go home for a few days, deal with it and come back. Abdel is grateful.

Urbina’s older brother Hector competed on Season 19 of TUF. Urbina talks of his parents dedication to their welfare. It’s been a long road for him to get into the house.

If Abdel leaves, White will bring back either Myron Dennis or Khalil Roundtree from Team Joanna.

Jedrzejczyk and Roundtree talking in the bathroom?

Spicely reveals his girlfriend died on a tragic kayak trip. He says if he can get through dealing with that, he can deal with a fight.

Claudia says the plan for Urbina is to have Spicely take him down for the submission.

Dennis and Roundtree prank the Team Joanna women by putting baby powder in the their hairdryers.  The girls counter by drop baby powder on them while they’re in the wading pool.  This leads to a lot of other pranks.

Urbina weighs in at 203.5 while Spicely weighs in at 205.5.

A special guest greets Team Claudia. It’s Abdel! He returned from dealing with his personal problems and said the situation is fixed and out of respect, he won’t talk about it anymore.

Urbina has a 4-inch height and reach advantage over Spicely.

TUF 23
Courtesy FOX Sports ONE/UFC/Zuffa LLC.



Spicely takes the centre. Urbina rolls over Spicely for a nice takedown. Spicely goes for an armbar. Urbina escapes but Spicely tries a heel hook. Urbina punches and elbows his way out. Spicely takes the back and controls Urbina near the cage. 2:35 left. Urbina trying to defend with wrist control. Spicely trying to soften up Urbina with punches. Claudia yells to Spicely don’t lose the position. 1:20 left. Spicely firmly in control, but not doing much damage. The rest of the round ends with Urbina defending the rear naked choke.


Spicely pressures Urbina. Urbina lands some kicks, while Spicely misses a shot. Spicely corners Urbina and takes him down and takes his back like the first round. Urbina defending the rear-naked choke, while Spicely tries to soften him up with strikes. 3 minutes left. Claudia barks at Spicely to finish the fight. Joanna yells at Urbina to move. Less than a minute left and it’s more of the same. Urbina defending well, but the clock keeps ticking.


TUF 23
Courtesy UFC/ZUffa LLC.

White was not happy with the fight. “I was not impressed with Eric’s style of fighting… It is not a way to catch our eye and get us very excited about you being in the UFC.”

TUF 23
“I feel like I didn’t lose this fight.” Courtesy UFC/ZUffa LLC.

Team Claudia now leads 5-0 and gets to choose the next fight.

She chooses Amanda Cooper vs Jamie Moyle. Claudia says Cooper’s takedown defence will be key. Joanna says Team Claudia doesn’t know what Moyle is about and it should provide her team with their first win.


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