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TUF 23: Episode 7 thoughts

Team Joanna is on the bubble. They’re down 5-0 to Team Claudia and in danger of being swept, which would be a first for the show.  Her fighter Jamie Moyle will fight Amanda Bobby Cooper this episode.

Can Team Joanna break through?

TJ Dillashaw visits Team Joanna and coaches a practice.

Amanda says she’s going to push the pace and keep the fight standing.

Khalil Roundtree shares his personal story about his father passing away. He was a road manager for R&B acts like Bell Biv Devoe, ABC etc. and got jumped by some thugs in a hotel room in 1992.

Team Claudia seems to be clicking.

Amanda reads some letters from her family and friends.

Both teams get a fun night out with a party bus and acrobat show on the Las Vegas strip. Renan Barao joins the gang.

Cooper weighs in at 115, while Moyle weighs in at 115.5 pounds.

Cooper has a 2-inch height advantage, while Moyle has a 1-inch reach advantage.



Moyle takes the centre. Boyle tries to pressure Cooper with strikes, while Cooper tries to counter. Moyle pins Cooper against the cage briefly, but Cooper lands some knees. Another clinch by Moyle, reversed by Cooper.  Back to the centre. They trade. Ref warns Cooper about her fingers. Joanna yells at Moyle to move from side-to-side. 2:30 left. Close fight so far, but Cooper seems to have the advantage on the feet. Then Moyle gets a takedown, but Cooper goes for a triangle and then a kimura.  Cooper lands a nice shot in from the bottom, then goes for a guillotine. Moyle escapes. Ref warns Moyle to improve her position, then warns Cooper for the back of the head strikes. The round ends with Moyle in 3/4 guard.  I gave the round to Cooper.


Moyle takes the centre again.  Cooper rushes in with strikes, but Moyle uses it to get a takedown. Moyle in side-control. Claudia yells at Cooper to move her hips. Moyle not doing much damage, but is controlling Cooper. Cooper lands an upkick, then gets up under Claudia’s orders. Cooper grabs Moyle’s right leg and clinches her against the cage. Scramble. Cooper gets Moyle down briefly, then another clinch against the cage, reversed by Moyle. Cooper lands some knees, then takes her down. 1:35 left. Cooper lands elbows to the body. Ref warns Cooper to keep working. Moyle is bleeding from a previous elbow in the clinch. Side control Cooper and she’s pouring it on. Ref warns Moyle to fight back, twice. Cooper ground-and-pound. Moyle trying to move and push Cooper off.  Moyle lands a nice upkick, but Cooper still swarming. The round ends with Cooper in side control striking away.

I gave Cooper this round, my scorecard is 20-18. Good fight.


Jedrzejczyk has a word for the judges after the bout. She thought the fight needed to go to the third round. Personally, I thought Cooper won the fight.

Team Claudia is now 6-0 and gets to choose the next fight. Claudia chooses Abdel Medjedoub vs Josh Stansbury.

TUF 23
It’s Abdel vs Josh on Episode 8. Courtesy UFC/Zuffa LLC.

Josh broke his leg during a TUF 19 fight, so he’s trying to bounce back from that.

We’ll see, in Episode 8.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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