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The Super Genie Diary – The Action Bronson Ancient Aliens experience

Super Genie and Sabu at DTW Airport, before taking our evening flight on Delta out to LAX for our last minute California trip courtesy of Action Bronson’s Ancient Alien show on the Viceland channel.

This Queens born rapper is a huge Sabu/RVD fan, and through Twitter, he contacted Sabu and invited him to appear on the show.

After some phone calls, Sabu and I were booked to head down on Wednesday May 25th for the long (bit comparatively short in relative to our trips to Japan) flight out to Los Angeles.

We got to the airport early, which allowed time to check my makeup and skin care stores (absolutely loved how La Mer skin cream felt on my face, so cooling and moisturizing!) while Sabu quickly went in the other direction to get coffee. LOL.

We enjoyed a meal at PF Changs Chinese restaurant. So delicious!

We were ready to board by 7:59 PM local time, then took off airborn just before 8:30 PM.

We snoozed during most of the flight, so much so that I fell asleep mid-sip of a cup of coffee, and only woke up when I felt the wetness of it hit my stomach through my formerly white sweatshirt.

By 11:30 PM, we landed, picked up my bag from the carousel, and waited for RVD to pick us up.

We were almost to Rob’s home in Rancho Los Pedros.  It’s a beautiful home on top of sprawling hills, and Sabu was particularly shocked by the steep dropping hill that made up Rob’s driveway, and for good reason.



10:30AM – We woke up and made coffee, I ate Greek yogurt to calm a stomach bug I seemed to pick up on the way (so painful and not too flattering stomach bloating). Sabu and Rob had protein shakes, and our driver took us down to the studio in El Segundo, not far from the airport. I got shots of Sabu in the drivers (Kenny) car here.

We arrived at the studio around 1:30 PM and were greeted by some of Bronson’s friends. One of them informed me my hair looked “fresh.” I put in pink highlights to match my genie outfit. One of Rob’s agents were there, so Rob chatted it up with him and his agents girlfriend, who plays guitar for Alice Cooper. Really cool girl, she commented on how nice it was that Sabu and I get to travel to so many places together.

Then Sabu asked for a room for me to change into, and Larry, one of the talent co-ordinators took us down to this room with the “Talent” sign. And then I took some photos of me posing by the makeup mirror. All very cool, with cute little packets of toiletries and Breath mints, handy wipes and deodorant on a table in the room.

Sabu took off to find Bronson, while I got ready, and Larry, one of the talent co-ordinators, took us down to this room with the “Talent” sign.

Sabu took off to find Bronson, while I got ready. Larry, the talent co-ordinator took us down to this room with the “Talent” sign.

2:30 PM – Things were much closer to coming together and after eating some vegetarian food, we ventured out onto the set.

3:00 PM – After planning a few spots, we finally get down to filming with RVD first, and then Sabu busting in, aided by me.

Bronson made some funny comment about being “mesmerized” or something to that effect about “guys who can do the splits” to Rob, touches on Robs only ACL injury, and then Sabu’s music hits and he busts onto the scene. I throw him a chair, and then he whips it across the set. We discussed other possibilities, like Rob deftly picking the chair off in mid air before it struck Bronson in the face…or Rob catching the chair, and putting it down on the floor for Sabu to jump onto it, then the couch and some other wrestling scenarios, but in the end we went for what had the least chance of screwing up.

Sabu and I busted onto the scene, Bronson did the introductions, and we began to watch the totally serious show Ancient Aliens, while Sabu, Rob and Bronson commented on the historical info shared.

Bronson has a freeform way of doing his program. They film whatever happens, with a big crew of I’d say at least ten people over the course of several hours. Then they edit it down to the hour show, taking interesting bits and pieces. It’s so free form in fact, that Bronson got up at one point and announced he needed to charge his phone. And he called in a barber to get a hair cut while we were filming. Rob is pretty easygoing and would just laugh about it all, and Sabu a little more serious would be asking what was going on. LOL.

A couple times Rob reminded us the microphones were still on. Sabu revealed some surprising  intelligence about aliens (tune in to find out!) After about  ninety minutes of filming, Bronson started calling for his food, which is a ritual on his program, and it apparently was going to be late that day ( so he was not pleased and actually laid out for a snooze on his set.)

The food arrived around 5:30, and was a delicious BBQ. We all dug in and all this was still being filmed. Sabu at this point figured we were done filming and told Bronson we were out. LOL.

We headed back to the talent room, and I changed into my jeans and T-shirt while Sabu waited outside. In actuality, they weren’t done filming, so when I went to look for Sabu, he was back on set with Bronson and RVD. I sat this part out, partly because I was out of my outfit, and partly because Bronson wasn’t so much a fan of mine as a fan of Sabu’s and RVD, and I figured he would appreciate some time with those two on his own.

By 7:30ish, enough film had been gathered to turn into one hour of exciting TV, so we were ready to head back to Rob’s crib.

All in all, an interesting experience. I’ve been on some sets before for projects like Nemesis 3:Time Lapse, a science fiction film I did awhile back with some other fitness stars, and for the popular game show Extreme Dodgeball (I was on the Barbell Mafia team), but nothing quite like this!

And so no one will be disappointed, some chairs were thrown, and a frog splash delivered, as well as body slams a la Davey Boy Smith,executed by Bronson. LOL.

12:00 AM – We were almost to Rob’s home in Rancho Los Pedros.  It’s a beautiful home on top of sprawling hills, and Sabu was particularly shocked by the steep dropping hill that made up Rob’s driveway and for good reason.

Rob recounted a story of a college girl who drove her car through the sauna he had been building on the side of his home, after she careened off the long and winding road that goes through the center of Mirales Estates. She was intoxicated, and the house was empty that day, so bad circumstances for sure, but it could have been much worse.

Rob and Sabu chatted a bit in the living room and then Sabu and I went downstairs to clean up after our flight to get some sleep. Call time wasn’t early the next day, and there wasn’t really a “call time” per se. Everything on the Action Bronson show is laid back, so we knew we didn’t need to set alarms to get up early the next morning, and could just unwind and relax.

I was still feeling under the weather, so I ate Miso soup and Greek yogurt, but Sabu eats often and we swung by the California favourite In ‘n’ Out Burger shop so Sabu could get a burger, fries and milkshake.

Round midnight, we turned in. The next day, we had a signing at the Wrestling Guy Store in Huntington Park and I hoped not to still feel sick the next day.


The signing at The Wrestling Guy store was in Huntington Park. They have the “Ceiling of Fame,” with many WWE wrestlers on there. They told me how Chyna was just there for a signing. The TV show Botched filmed part of her signing for the show. She had some issue with her breast implants and was going to have the doctors work on her. But then she passed away, so they shelved the episode.

After the signing, we met Rob part way and then parked so we could go to his director friend’s place.

Fred and his son are big fans of Sabu, Rob explained the day before and we’re super happy to meet him.. After sampling some of his fireball moonshine (pretty good!) and his Apple moonshine (even better), the guys exchanged stories and a few laughs.  Maybe some film prospects here for the future!

After a couple of hours, Sabu wanted to check out The Sunset Strip and take a walk, so we had Rob drop us off at our car and we took off to Sunset Blvd.

We drove for fifty minutes up to Sunset Blvd., parked and then Sabu wanted to take a walk. We parked a short distance from the famous Viper Room where River Phoenix passed away. We did a spoof photo outside the doors, walked a few blocks (of course I wasn’t wearing walk-friendly shoes, so my feet were already killing me from the signing earlier that night) and posed with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Sabu was hungry again so we stopped at Mel’s Diner and ordered a super expensive but not so super tasting meal.  Sabu gallantly offered me a sprig of flowers that was in a vase on the table. LOL. What a gentleman!

2:00 AM – We were falling asleep after the long day, so we headed back to the car and back to Rob’s.


12:00 PM – We slept in. Sabu wanted to go up to the Walk of Fame. There is actually a “Sabu” star up there, (named for the famous actor of the same name, not yet for Sabu the wrestler), but we weren’t sure where it was, so we parked, then got out to walk up and down Hollywood Blvd.

I was lingering around the bikini shops. Such amazing stuff and I saw many things I’ll need to get the next time I’m in California, including a gorgeous pink and clear rhinestone bikini that would look awfully nice as part of a Super Genie outfit – and Sabu as usual was looking for something to eat.

We stopped at an organic smoothie shop, with the funny bathroom sign.

Sabu and I went clothes-co-ordinated today. My “I Need a Hero” T-shirt with the Superman emblem, and Sabu wore his Superman T-shirt. Which got us a lot of nods of approval as we walked down the street loaded with Marvel, DC, Spider-Man, Batman and the Transformers characters. Catwoman and Spider-Man and Batman were especially impressed, as was Sponge Bob.

We stopped at the Chinese Mann theater, and checked out Marilyn Monroe’s star and Bill Cosby’s, which is intact despite the past years events.


Our final day in California, Sabu wanted to walk down Venice beach and see the sights. Rob decided he wanted to go too, so we all got together and headed down to the beach in the early afternoon.  Our flight was leaving that night at 11:10 PM, and we wanted to get some time in at the typical Cali spots before we left.

I lived in California from 1996 to 2003 (in May 2003, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky for OVW which at the time was the WWE  developmental territory) while competing in pro bodybuilding shows and modeling for the fitness magazines. This kind of thing is always fun to do when not actually living in California. LOL.

I can’t say I made a big effort to do this sort of thing when I lived in Los Angeles, I was so busy into the dieting and training and competing scene. But it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Parking was rough, being that it was Memorial Day weekend, but we got a spot, then headed over to a friend of Rob’s.

The Fruit Gallery restaurant was where we had Acai berry smoothies. Rob picked up a walnut chicken salad and Sabu found some lucky nuts. This friend of Rob’s had the sweetest little dog, and a beautiful view since he lived right on the beach.

6:30 PM – We figured we better get back to Rob’s place and get packed for the airport. Some last minute laundry, and straightening up the bathroom I had made my own the past few days, and Rob took us back to LAX.

Here’s Sabu perfecting his good bye wave for the camera.

Goodbye, Los Angeles!  Next stop: Detroit, Michigan for 6:30 AM the next morning!


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