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TUF 23: Episode 10 thoughts

We’re in the semi-finals stage now on TUF 23. To recap, Team Claudia easily won the group stage over Team Joanna, 7-1.

But Team Joanna still has a chance individually with Josh Stansbury, in the male light-heavyweight category taking on Cory Hendricks in the second male semi-final.

Hendricks training is limited to light padwork, but he says he wants to win. Claudia isn’t so sure. She thinks Cory should pull out, but in his current injured state, she doesn’t think he can fight.

Dana White gives the fighters another night on the town, at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Again, we see more politics with Joanna and Claudia, skewed towards Joanna. Will we ever see these two become friends?

Hendricks decides to pull out after still not feeling good enough to fight. Claudia agrees and pledges to help get another opportunity for the UFC. That is what a coach does.

So, Dana White will pick a replacement to face Josh Stansbury. Who will it be?

Stansbury says he will stay focused, no matter who he fights.

The other fighters kick around who the replacement might be in the house.

Dana decides to bring back Khalil Rountree, (who was eliminated by Cory Hendricks) to face Josh Stansbury. This doesn’t affect the other matchup, which disappoints Joanna.

Dana says Hendricks will get a chance to fight at the TUF 23 Finale.

Rountree clearly doesn’t like being put in the position of fighting Stansbury, another friend, again.

A coach’s challenge is set up. Two dunk tanks with ice-cold water are  set up with each coach getting an opportunity to shoot at a target which dunks the other from a height of 22 feet with a good shot with a bazooka-type-paintball launcher.

First to 100 points wins.

Claudia dunks Joanna first, but Joanna quickly returns the favour.

Claudia wins the coaches challenge and $10,000 USD cash, with Team Claudia getting $1500 USD each.

White then offers Claudia Gadelha another $5000 USD cash, with Team Claudia getting $1500 USD each if she can dunk him within three shots.

And she does. On her second shot.

You have to give Dana credit for walking the walk. He increases Team Claudia’s take to $2000 USD each, from $1500 USD.

Now, to the fights.

Eric Spicely weighs in at 204.5 pounds, while Andrew Sanchez sneaks in at 201.

Sanchez will enjoy a slight 0.5 inch reach advantage.



Spicely takes the centre. Both guys cautious, but Sanchez moves forward first.  He catches Spicely against the cage with a shot  and headkick and gets the TKO quickly! That didn’t last more than a minute or so.


Sanchez is bummed out after destroying his friend, but Spicely tries to console him.

That is the life of a fighter.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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