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The Bodybuilding Life

The Bodybuilding Life – The stage ahead

It’s been nine gruelling months since I returned to the gym with a goal and vision of how I wanted to look the next time I stepped on stage.

As coach AJ Sims and I sat in the hotel  last September after my show in Pittsburgh, he was already working on a game plan for this year. I could see the enthusiasm in his eyes for what he had in store. About three weeks later, he had a complete plan laid out that included workouts to add more density to my back and a detailed meal plan for my specific body type. Then came October 1st and I went to work like a madman on a mission to change my genetic code, so to speak.

Ferlan Bailey

Ferlan Bailey and Austin Sims after the 2015 North American championships. Courtesy Facebook.

AJ’s plan was to not only change the look of my body by adding more density, but to keep me lean with abs while staying within twenty pounds of my contest weight. I must admit this wasn’t easy, but it was fullfilling seeing the changes that occurred on a weekly basis from November 2015 to now. I treated every gym and cardio session as if I were going into the office applying total concentration and a mind muscle connection with every push or pull movement.

The Bodybuilding Life

I have not stepped on stage yet but the fruits of our labor is evident. The stage will be taken July 21st 2016 in Pittsburgh and my nervous energy is through the roof, but I’m finding peace and calm in the knowledge that the work has been put in from every possible aspect from nutrition and training, to posing practice. The hope and prayer is that the judges recognize my hard work and improvements on that final day. As the show gets closer, I will share the rest of this amazing journey.


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