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TUF 23 – Episode 11 thoughts

Last week in Episode 10, Andrew Sanchez took out his friend Eric Spicely to secure a spot in the finals. Now, Team Joanna mates Josh Stansbury and Khalil Rountree, must do the same.

But not this week. It’s the female strawweights turn. Amanda Bobby Cooper vs Lanchana Green.

Miesha Tate drops in on Team Claudia and drops on wrestling takedown knowledge.

Amanda Cooper is a little high coming into her weight cut. Instead of 125, she’s around 129 with a week or so to goto the weigh-in. Will it play a factor?

Claudia Gadelha says she will stay neutral and not coach either fighter.

Amanda trains with Andrew Sanchez. She wants to stay out of Green’s kicking range and get the fight to the ground.

In the house, the fighters decide to go all-in on a tourney bracket of bowling. Lanchana Green wins!

We see a bit of the interior of Green when she talks about her journey. She’s trying to better and support herself doing something she loves. It’s a lot for her to take in, but she seems to be enjoying the drivers seat.

Team Joanna’s Khalil Rountree aims to make the most of his second opportunity. He feels he will do better this time because he has more of a training camp to figure out Josh.

It’s getting down to the crunch for Cooper. She’s still over weight at 120, the day before the weigh-in. 119.6 in the morning with hours to go. Team Claudia tries to help but with twenty minutes left, she’s still 2.5 pounds over.

At the weigh-in, Cooper comes in at 117.5 pounds. She has one hour to make it to the 116. If she doesn’t make it, she’s out.

Green comes in at 115.

Once again, Team Claudia tries to help her with hot water baths with the heavy artillery.

At the final weigh-in, Cooper makes 116! But she’s still at a disadvantage, as Green has a headstart replenishing and recovering.

Green will enjoy a 2-inch height and 0.5-inch reach.



Green takes the centre. Leg kick Green. Cooper takes some big swings. Green lands a quick overhand right. Right leg kick by Cooper grazes Green. Cooper lands a right hand. They trade. Cooper grabs a leg and gets a takedown. Green tries to reverse and lands an upkick. But Cooper gets side control. 2:30 left. Cooper with strikes, Green tries to explode but now moves to full guard. Cooper doing a good job of controlling Green on the ground. Green tries to get up, but gets caught in the body lock. Cooper looking for the rear-naked choke and gets it!


Green looks devastated and breaks down immediately once she returns to the dressing room.  But on the flip side, Cooper is elated. She’s moving on the TUF 23 Finale. The other women’s strawweight semi-final is Tatiana Suarez vs Kate Jackson.


Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.

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