TUF 23: Episode 12 thoughts

Last week, we saw Amanda Bobby Cooper claim one of the Finale spots with a win over Lanchana Green. Since this is the last week before the TUF 23 Finale, we’ll see Tatiana Suarez vs Kate Jackson in the other women’s semi.

Then, Team Joanna members Josh Stansbury and Khalil Rountree meet for the right to face Andrew Sanchez in the TUF 23 Finale.

We see Team Claudia’s Tatiana Suarez and Kate Jackson training. Kate wants to keep it standing, while Tatiana will use her wrestling to take the fight to the ground.

Kate Jackson weighs in at 115.5 pounds, while Tatiana Suarez is dead even at 115 pounds.

In the house, both fighters are confident. Suarez is the favourite to win. The winner meets Amanda Bobby Cooper at the TUF 23 Finale.

Jackson will enjoy a one-inch height advantage.


ROUND ONE: Suarez moves forward early, Jackson on the outside. Suarez with kicks and gets a nice headlock takedown. Up against the cage, Jackson defends well, but Suarez gets some shots in. 3:00 left. Suarez in side control. Jackson leaves her neck open and Suarez uses it to pin Jackson against the cage and land knees. Jackson tries to get up but gets caught in a guillotine and is forced to tap.


TUF 23

Good fight, but Suarez started quickly and didn’t let up.

Rountree is replacing the injured Cory Hendricks from Team Claudia. Rountree’s weakness is the ground, but a if Rountree can land a good strike, he can win. Friendship and nerves are weighing on both, but there can only be one.

Stansbury weighs in at 204.5 pounds, while Rountree makes it at 205.5 pounds.

Rountree will enjoy a two-inch


Rountree takes the centre. Stansbury goes for the shot, stuffed. Stansbury misses a strike, and Rountree tries to capitalize., but Josh makes it to his fee.t They start trading with kicks and strikes. 3:00 left. Rountree still in the centre. Rountree slowing down a little. Stansbuty lands a few knees from a Thai Plum. Josh looks like the fresher fighter. Not much happening but then Rountree lands a left hand, which crumples Stansbury! He then swarms and forces the stoppage late in the round.


The TUF 23 Finale will be:

Joanna Jedrzejczyk (11-0-0) vs Claudia Gadelha (13-1-0)

Amanda Bobby Cooper vs Tatiana Suarez (115 pounds)

Khalil Rountree vs Andrew Sanchez (205 pounds)

Ross Pearson (19-10-0) vs Will Brooks (17-1-0)

Thiago Tavares (20-6-1) vs Doo Ho Choi (13-1-0)

Jake Matthews (10-1-0) vs Kevin Lee (12-2-0)

Jingliang Li (10-4-0) vs Anton Zakir (7-2-0)

Cezar Ferreira (9-5-0) vs Anthony Smith (25-11-0)

Andrew Holbrook (11-0-0) vs Fernando Bruno (15-3-0)

John Moraga (16-4-0) vs Matheus Nicolau Pereira (11-1-1)

See you at the TUF 23 Finale!



Kenai is a former Postmedia Network online news and sports editor. He is the Editor-in-Chief for MMA Crossfire.


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