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The #Bodybuilding Life: Frame of mind

So here we are, just a few days away before I take the stage in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Filled with exhaustion, fear, excitement and hope, I will be the biggest and best I’ve been yet.

These last few days have been interesting, from my day-to-day body response, to checking in with my coaches AJ & IFBB Pro Nikki Sims every morning in person. They are beyond meticulous and are in my ear every hour it seems. From pictures and my body weight as soon as I get out of bed, to me driving over to their home as soon as I eat my first meal every morning . A lot has gone into contest preparation and at times, it’s been difficult to balance it all with everyday life.

The #Bodybuilding Life
The work is done. Time to show it, very shortly.

Of course, if you want something bad enough, you will do anything it takes. Luckily for me, I have an amazing support system from deep core family, my coaches and wonderful friends who have been there for me in many inspiring ways.

The #Bodybuilding Life

This competitive journey is about us and not me.

I know this competition means a lot to my coaches, friends and family who have watched me struggle and dig deep to achieve the  body I want to display on July 21st . The journey is just beginning, truth be told, but I am already so greatful for a lot of things.

The #Bodybuilding Life
Just a few days away from The Big One.

Hopefully, I can bring home that coveted IFBB Pro card on Thursday and share a few tears with those that have been there through this process.

Stay tuned.


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