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2016 IMMAF European Open championships set for Prague in November

The Arena of Sparta in the Czech Republic’s capital city will be the stage for the 2016 International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) championships.

Scheduled for November 22-26, the European Open will be organized primarily by the Czech Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMAA), which was founded in 2012.

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The European Open championships are accessible to all IMMAF member countries (by way of their national IMMAF federation). Two entries per weight category, with an imposed limit of 32 participants for weight category are permitted.

The weight categories start from flyweight (125 pounds) to Super heavyweight (265 pounds plus) for males and strawweight (115 pounds) to lightweight (155 pounds) for females.

The IMMAF amateur MMA rules will be used.


“The 2016 IMMAF World Championships in Las Vegas set a new benchmark in terms of participation, with 210 athletes competing,” IMMAF president Kerrith Brown said in a press release. “We have a very active European membership and expect the 2016 European Open Championships to match, if not surpass, the Worlds in numbers. As our second European Championship, we have the added excitement of watching 2015 medallists defend their titles.

“Over the course of the 2016 Olympics there has been some discussion in the media about what structure MMA would hypothetically take in future Olympics. IMMAF has year on year proven its nation vs nation, amateur MMA tournament format to be a success and to provide a compelling narrative over multiple days of competition.”


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