Zombie Reign
Actress Laura Carretero

Zombie Reign’s Laura Carretero says horror fans are in for a treat

It’s scary movie season and and there’s nothing like a good jump scare to get into the Halloween groove. 

With that in mind, The Crossfire quickly chopped it up with actress Laura Carretero, who plays the supporting role of Josie Garza in the upcoming horror film Zombie Reign.

Welcome back to The Crossfire.

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Zombie Reign and its director Ramiro Avendano are shrouded in controversy (Editor’s Note: And even more controversy). Originally conceived in 2004, it’s scheduled to premiere Oct. 16 at the Santikos Northwest 14 Theaters in San Antonio, Texas.

“I had known about the (controversy) rumors even before I worked with him (Avendano),” Carretero said to MMA Crossfire. “And I knew that they were just lies.

“I’ve learned in this business, that there will always be people that will envy you. So one has to not pay any attention to negative people.”

Zombie Reign

Laura Carretero and Justice Miller on the set of Zombie Reign.

The jury is out on the allegations, but it’s the hopes of the cast and crew that the film will get picked up as a TV series.

“I enjoyed it,” Carretero elaborated. “I did my own stunts and I even injured myself, but it was good. I can tolerate pain if I have to, just so I can finish filming my part.”

Zombie Reign

The cast and crew are expected to attend the 5PM screening, where Avendano will also be speaking. A second 7PM screening is scheduled in anticipation of a sold out premiere.

Tickets can be purchased at

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Crossfire has learned that the initial venue for the screening has been changed and that ticket holders have been notified of this change.

@kenaiandrews Zombie Reign’s Laura Carretero says horror fans are in for a treat


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